Friday, August 24, 2012

What Keeps Me Up At 5am

I woke up at 5am this morning.  The ancient desktop in the room down the hall was painfully churning away, as it always does when I forget to turn it off at night, but usually I can sleep through that.  Not today.  Today I was up.  My brain suddenly wide awake, worrying, worrying, worrying about school. 

About what?  Sammi's excited to start, she has a new Rapunzel backpack with a new princess lunch bag for the days she takes her lunch, we won't have to worry about "fall" clothes yet for another 2 months or so in our climate, so her current wardrobe can still stay, the teacher is awesome (and she said she reads my blog every day!  Hi, Mrs. R.!), she'll have the same amazing aide as last year, and she'll be attending full-time, finally, as we've been looking forward to for the last 6 years.  LOL

So what, exactly, am I worried about?

Bathroom breaks, that's what.

Lastnight I attended Back to School Night at Sammi's school, a night when parents can go and see their child's classroom, speak to the teacher and fill out paperwork.  I got the amazing privilege of sitting at Sammi's desk and leaving her a secret love note inside.  I heard about lunch menus, lunch money, daily schedules.  I felt a pang of fear at the mention of spelling and math tests, Phys Ed 3 days a week, and self-guided group reading activities.  I laughed to myself when the teacher said her goal was to have kids reading, eventually, 20 minutes per sitting, starting off in 3-minute sessions.  Right.  (Sammi could tear through book after book, reading each and every word, for 2 hours, if you let her...the teacher will find getting her to stop and refocus on a new activity to be the real challenge...)  I was a little sad to see that one of the little girls that was so close to Sammi in Kindergarten, who we were told would likely be placed in her 1st grade class with her as peer support, has actually been placed into another class (even her mother was surprised!).  Parents asked great questions about some of the more minute daily details, the answers to which I paid very close attention. 

But I totally forgot to ask about bathroom breaks.  And I totally don't recall seeing a bathroom in the classroom. 

Not like I mind Sammi using the group restroom down the hall.  That's absolutely fine.  Ordinarily none of this would worry me, but we heard from her aide last year that she never used the bathroom at all during Kindergarten. 

My child, with the bladder of steel, who I made sure used the toilet twice before leaving the house every morning, just never needed to go while in the half-day Kindergarten program, and just waited until she got home. 

First grade is going to be very different.  There is absolutely no way she could hold her water from 7:30am to 2:30pm, and if there's no bathroom in the classroom that she can just get up and use when she needs to go, will she ask to use the other one when she does?  If the class goes en masse to take a lavatory break, will she go then, or say she doesn't have to (the mantra of the stubborn - okay, willful - child) and then be stuck later? 

I'm not worried about accidents.  Steel, remember?  But I am worried about my silly girl getting sick if she holds it every day.  I'm probably worrying about absolutely nothing.  I'm sure she'll get into a routine soon enough, and, with the help and encouragement of her aide, she'll be fine. 

But that's what kept me up this morning.

Oh, that, and carrying her lunch tray without dropping it.

And math and spelling tests.

And the self-guided group activities.

And recess.

And PE.




sally carter said...

Virtual love n' hugs and calming thoughts! It's all gonna be fine - I'm pretty sure they'll have a plan for every imaginable scenario. You're the best, Becca! xx

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

Oh my...that is a lot...Sammi ROCKS everything she does...I bet she will take a few days to adjust and then she will be in the groove with the bathroom, lunch, and routine...I cannot believe she is a full day 1st grader! Smiles

Lisa said...

I totally get it - I almost wept in relief when I found out our first grade rooms still have bathrooms attached. We had our "meet the teacher" open house last night, the two weeks of school completion mark. The teacher said Cate had been doing great in the full group setting. After a few boundry testing activities that were recognzied as such, she has followed the rules and even done potty breaks with the class. No accidents, no "red" behavior - I'm so relieved I want to hug her teacher every time I see her!

Leah said...

OH man! I'd have been up by 1, I think. But I have no doubts that she's gonna rock this all day school. Can't wait to see how it goes.

Becky said...

She will be fine but I totally get a momma's worries. Details other parents just take for granted we worry about...:)

This is a great school you have and what a wonderful place for Sammi. I hope when Kristen is going into first we are as blessed by such a loving welcoming environment to learn and grow with her typical peers!

Rochelle said...

That girl of yours will rock 1st grade. I am grateful for our schools who have bathrooms in all classrooms up through 5th grade.

Becca said...

By the way, I did find out this morning that there *are* bathrooms in the 1st and 2nd grade classrooms. Awesome! And it's funny, what kept me up this morning doesn't seem all that serious or worrisome now, when I'm wide awake and more than halfway through my day. :-) Thank you all for your encouragement!!

Alicia Llanas said...

what about practicing asking for permission at home?? like we do a lot of selftalking about our needs (because we are still potty training Eva)
so when i need to go, i usually said it loud, i have to pee, or my stomach hurts i need to go to the toilet, etc

Im sure if you tell the teacher or the aid to at least ask her if she wants to go to the toilet, or maybe settling an hour so she can goes??

Elias at kindy he hold it for 4 hrs without a problem. Now he can hold it for longer, and last year in 1st grade at fisrt he didnt went much to the toilet, but he does once at least, and there is a peer that scort him to the toilet and waits for him outside, you know, because my kid wouldnt return class if its not supervised lol

she will do great! she is amazing!

Wren said...

Landon is my child with the bladder of steel and it makes me a little nervous from time to time...on days he goes to school he goes potty around 7:30, doesn't go at school and waits until I make him go before nap at 1 and sometimes I have to bribe him to go then!

It sounds like you have a wonderful school with a great support system so I'm sure the teachers and aide will make sure she goes at least once! Maybe going before lunch can be a 1st grade "rule"?? As for the lunch, tray, tests and PE she's gonna rock it just you wait and see...she's one smart cookie and inspires me daily!!!

Anna said...

I'm late to the game. Glad to know that as the day progressed you saw that your worries were no longer concerns. I'm also glad her teacher is on your team. Enjoy the weekend and can't wait to hear how next week comes together.

teal915 said...

I can imagine how you feel. But I know whatever happens, you will navigate through it, because you always do. Can't wait to hear about all the great things Sammi will do this year.

Anonymous said...

Yes there is a bathroom, so no worries on that front. Having said that, as a mom, you will always be worrying about something. It comes with the territory. We'll take good care of our girl. Mrs. R is the best!! Mary

Meriah said...

I can only imagine. I was a wreck with Micah at the preschool 2 day a week, 3 hour a time program. WRECK.

I know it's not for everyone, but homeschooling is saving my sanity like that....

Melissa said...

See, I'm so late reading this you know there are bathrooms and nothing to worry about!! :)