Sunday, October 14, 2007

"One Of Us, Not One Among Us"

Well, yesterday was the Down Syndrome Association of Northern Virginia Buddy Walk, and what a fabulous day it was! The weather could not have been better, and Samantha could not have been more charming and adorable! She had a blast playing with her friends, Matthew and Bonnie.

The walk took place at the Fairfax County Government Center, where I'd previously attended the ARC picnic back in July. It's a beautiful setting-rolling, grassy hills surrounded by trees. There were a lot of people there, lots of activities for the kids, and great company. Our team, Sweet Pea United, consisted of me, Steve, Samantha, Grandma and Grandpa McKinley and their friend, Beryl, Connie (from work), and Crystle. Melanie, Sam's wonderful speech therapist, joined us as well for part of the time and for the team photo.

Samantha took a little nap in Steve's arms, waking during the walk when Steve was approached by the cameras for Telemundo to talk about the importance of the event.

Steve was recruited to coach and play in the Dads' soccer team against the men's Special Olympians. There was a moms' team, as well. The game was a lot of fun and everyone had a really good time. The moms' team won 2-1, and the dads' team won 2-1.
I would totally write more, but it's late (9:44 is late for me these days!), and I'm really tired. I have no idea if anything I've just written even makes sense or is remotely interesting, but maybe I'll go back and edit at a later date...