Sunday, November 11, 2007

Little Devil

We had originally gotten a lion outfit for Samantha for Halloween, but unfortunately, it didn't fit well. It was way too hard to get over her head and to get her arms into, so Steve went out on Halloween day to Toys R Us and found this costume for about $3. I guess that's what happens when you buy stuff on the day of the holiday. The wings on the back attach with velcro--totally cool. You can't see her legs in this photo, but the outfit came down to her knees as shorts, and she was wearing a pair of black and white polka dot tights and red patent boots. We didn't have anything specific we were going to do that night, but we ended up just walking around the neighborhood. She was in her stroller, which wasn't exactly conducive to going up to people's houses (up steps and around cars in driveways) to trick-or-treat properly, so Steve took her out of her stroller to go up to one person's house. So she did have at least one experience trick-or-treating! It'll be different with her walking next year.