Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Maintaining Traditions: Ringing in the New Year

We're boring.  Yeah, I said that, and I meant it.  Keeping yin with yang, we balance out all the up-to-and-beyond-midnight partying that goes on for so many other people throughout the world by maintaining a tradition of not doing much of anything, and falling asleep looong before the magic hour.  As a matter of fact, I look forward to being awoken on the stroke of 12 by cheers and the small pops of fireworks out in the street. 

It's not really like we want to do it that way, but for a variety of reasons, it just happens.  Reason #1 stems from the fact that throughout all of my years in retail management, I had to work on New Years' Day most of the time, and didn't want to have a miserable day by having gone to bed too late the night before.  Reason #2 is far more practical - I have no desire to be driving out on the street during hours when most of the other cars out there are likely being driven by people who have imbibed.  It's just not safe.  Reason #3 came when Samantha was born - there's no way ever that she would be able to stay up that late herself, and, as she goes to bed so early, she is a super-early riser.  If I went to bed after midnight, I'd be beyond useless at 5:30am.  But, to be perfectly, completely honest, I, myself, just can't. stay. up. that. late. anymore.  And there's really no compelling reason for me to actually stay up, anyway.  Dick Clark?  Not only was he kinda boring to watch, but he's also now kinda dead (RIP, Dick Clark!).  Who's hosting the Rockin' New Years' Eve now anyway?  Ryan Seacrest?  Carson Dailey?  Who knows, but I suspect they're also equally boring, and the musical acts they try desperately to keep me up with are usually cause for flipping the channel to House Hunters, or Pawn Stars.  Which, while I enjoy them both, equals instant snooze.


Maybe one day.  But for now, it is what it is.  Our tradition.

Update:  We went to a local friend's party for about at 6:00, left by 7:30, watched Storage Wars and House Hunters, and I was passed out cold by 10:20.  Totally didn't wake at midnight.  :-(


Anna Theurer said...

Same way over here. Bear went down early and woke early. I was out around 10pm. Missed House Hunters though

wendy said...

I am Soooo much the same way! and pretty much for all the same reasons, although I did wake in time to watch the ball drop ( the only part of the show we watched.)Happy New Year!!!!

Cindy said...

Oh no! You missed Midnight?! It came anyway. :)

Hope you have a very happy new year!

Becky said...

The only way I stay up to midnight is if I work...which is what I did last night! Otherwise, usually out by 10 too! Happy New Year!

April Vernon said...

You are not alone. Last night I was thinking about how boring I am on New Year's Eve! As a teen & college student, I always babysat on New Year's Eve. Now I stay at home with my own kids! I actually stayed awake but just barely. I usually don't. Happy New Year!

Jenny said...

Love Sammi's outfit, what a great sweater!!! Happy New Year Becca :)