Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Two to Go

Yep, this is lame.  And super-selfish.  And completely not meaning a doggone thing.  Oh, and did I use the adjective shallow yet?  No?  Well, it's that, too. 

By way of a little background history, I started this blog with a whopping single reader.  My mom.  And she wasn't a "follower," either.  Just a reader.  Then, little by little, people not in my family actually started reading, although I'm not too sure why, since those posts in the first couple of years were beyond yawn-worthy, like the kind of things foreign interrogators will subject spies to when trying torture intelligence out of them.  I think they may have had a similar effect to waterboarding.  On second thought, perhaps those early readers were foreign interrogators...it's possible, right?  The photos were bad, the writing fairly attrocious (that's not to say it's not attrocious now, but eh, I'm glad you're here anyway!).

I then started to get followers.  I didn't really even know what followers were, but it sounded good to have them, and I was happy.  I remember the number stagnating at around 86 followers.  Like, it just sat there for days, then weeks, then months.  I would focus my persuasive mental powers on it, willing it to change, and that's when it would usually drop a few digits.  Like really, why would someone stop following?  It felt like a bit of a kick in the teeth, but I know in reality, people stop blogging.  Or they reach their limit for the number of blogs that they follow (seriously, I just found out that that's even a possibility!  I hit the 300 mark, and got an error message from Blogger, who I suspect are just trying to get some money out of me.  Who will probably be getting some money out of me in the next week or two...).  Or they die.  Or they just plain don't like me.

Then the number would rise, not just by one, but by 2, or 3 all of a sudden, like they were making up for the ones that died.  And so on and so forth, until I found myself in my current predicament (see, you knew I'd get to the point, eventually, right?). 


One hundred and ninety eight

A frustrating place to be.  Not budging.  So close to such a beautific round number.  Oh, how fun it would be to hear, "Two Hundred."  Such a regal number. 


So, if you happen to not actually follow me, but read my blog in some other way, feel free to click that little button on the right side!

I'd appreciate it immensely. 

Of course now, just to spite me, some of you will probably unfollow.  Just because you can, and because you now know the pain it'll cause me (*ahem*).

But I'm sure I'll be okay.  And I'll forgive you for your transgressions.  And the blog will go on.

Because I'm actually kinda nice.  :-) 

(Update: I wrote this whole post out and now, a couple of hours later, still a full 14 hours before I'm about to publish it, I need to actually change the title to "One to Go..." Figures. Now I look like a big fat liar. Gah.)

(Update to update:  You guys are awesome!!!)


Cathy said...

Not sure if I was 200 or 201. :)

Cathy said...

Also not sure why I wasn't already a follower. LOL

sally carter said...

Same as Cathy - not sure if I was 200 or 201. And also not sure why I wasn't following before - I sure read every post! :) xxx

Than4Keeps said...

Yeah...you've gone over the 200 marker! Big milestone & hope for the number to continue to move upward. Keep on posting...love reading your updates!

I was pretty disappointed in the beginning when I started to write my Blog. Sad part is..I was the only follower ;-) and that was by mistake! Anyhow, one the reasons for writing was for my children to read my thoughts, wishes, hope & how much they've enriched my life.

I got lucky in finding other bloggers that puts a smile on my face every time I read their post ;-)

my family said...

I was going to say the same as Cathy...dont know why I wasnt a follower as you are on my blogroll and I check your blog almost daily...just love Sammi like that ya know? so now youre at 202!!!!!


Jess said...

I'm a new blogger and have one reader as well - my husband. What are the tricks to getting more people to read your blog? How did you go from 0 followers to 86?

Anna Theurer said...

Whoo hoo, Becca! You are over the 200 mark and I now have blogger envy:-). I am no where close to 200 followers and I feel a little sad when I lose one (did I offend someone?) and I have a little party when I gain one or two. :-). My own husband doesn't follow my blog. Grrr. Well, I guess I can go to town teasing him:-). Anyway, happy 200,

Rochelle said...

You are silly!

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

205 I think I am.

Can you believe I wasn't a follower already?? Who knew.

You are loved and so is that sweet, amazing, awe-inspiring child of yours. And oh, that British husband of yours too ... he had me at the 80's pictures for sure. No joke.

Team Lando said...

Whoot! 200+, you go girl!

Shannon said...

Share your posts... On Facebook, Twitter etc. If your friends read the links and then share them, people will find your blog. You can also share your links on community boards or do blog hops if you really want to get the ball rolling. All depends on what audience you want. So you want friends and fam? Moms? Advertisers? Etc. The more you comment on other peoples post the more likely they will check out your blog :) just some tips. I go through waves of wanting readers and wanting to make mine private. Almost hit the private button today but then got two emails from friends saying how much they enjoy getting a glimpse in our life. and becca, I am stuck at 186 :)

charity said...

how do you get people to follow your blog? i only have 9 people although i believe more people read it they just don't follow it. but yay for reaching 200

Becca said...

Btw, just to clarify for anyone who may be wondering, Shannon was responding to Jess (not sure why that didn't show up in the comment, but I was able to see that note before I published her comment). Shannon's response also sums it up for Charity, too. :-) Thanks, Shannon!

CJ said...

You're over 200 now, but I followed you on Blogger and Networked blogs. Ask and you shall receive!

Melissa said...

I'm stuck around 105, and have been for quite some time. I know my lack of commenting has so much to do with that these days. It's so hard to keep up with those bloggers that I already know and love that I just haven't had time to check out many new ones.

I must have already been following because when I signed it your numbers didn't change. :)