Monday, May 21, 2012

New Obsession

Of course I'm way, way behind the times with some of this new-fangled technology...  Being within only a year of even knowing what an app is, I approach each one warily, not sure if it's going to confound my technology-soft brain, or if it'll make sense quickly and easily, if it's going to cost a bundle, or if it'll be free, or if it's compatible with my Android, or if I would need to have the reviled iPhone to make it work. 

For months I've been hearing about Instagram, but always in the context of iPhone technology.  So I shrugged it off, stated, with the overwhelming taste of sour grapes in my mouth, that I didn't want it anyway.  So there.  But secretly, back behind my contrary, could-care-less exterior, I longed to make my lame, cell-phone snapshots of my every-day activities look interesting, even artistic.  And secretly, I wished to have that unattainable app, too. 

Actually, I wasn't too worried - I have been assuming, for some time now, that anything that's available for iPhone technology only would eventually come around to the Android market anyway.  Naturally!  And after a quick inquiry to a co-worker on Friday, I found out that, lo and behold, Instagram had come to Android.  Naturally!

That night, after an effortless 30-second download (or is it upload?  I can never tell which is which), and a quick self-guided tour, I was ready to rock and roll. 

Dang this stuff is fun!  But, being as late to the party as I was, I'm pretty sure that means that the fad will end and I'll be the one left standing.  For a time.  Looking foolish.  In the meantime, I'll take what I can get.  And if I can get a snapshot of 3 ears of corn to look cool, then so be it.

Here are a few of my favorites (can you hear distant strains of the chorus from "Seasons in the Sun" as you re-visit my grainy, sepia-tinted childhood memories of the 70s?):


Angel said...

FUN! I love instagram! :) Well, I did..... Until Cooper threw my dear beloved iPhone into the toilet. *sigh* But, if/when I get one back, I'll follow ya. :)

Alicia Llanas said...

to the comment of Angel, people say after you get your iphone wet if you inmediatly grab it from water, and turn off and put in a bag full of rice a day or two, the iphone will work again. i did try that with my motorola but mine went trhough the full long cicle in the washing machine, tho the battery still worked

anyway, lovely pictures Becca, love the last one. and i dont have iphone nor androide, just an ipad, and too bad it has an aweful camera. but sooner i will get the new one.


Anna Theurer said...

welcome to the Instagram Band Wagon :) Great photos! I love the last one of Miss Sammi.

Meriah said...

"new fangled" - HA! go get 'em, Gramma!

Alicia - I doubt you are going to read this, but if you have an ipad, you are actually in a better position with instagram than not - the same apps work and you can work with WAY more interesting edits. You can also take your photos on a regular camera then upload them, edit, then go on to instagram from your ipad (I don't personally have an ipad - I just know lots of others do that - which is why there are tags like #iphoneonly and so forth to show how you edited and took your photo)

PS Becca - please, I BEG YOU - get rid of that dang captcha! It drives me nuts and it's soooo friggin hard to comment with it!

Jenny said...

I still don't get what it is...Great pictures though :)

Lacey said...

I still don't get it either! But I have a crappy pre-pay phone because we want out of T mobile, so after I killed yet another phone, I have to make due until our contract is up in Dec! I hope then to get the Iphone!

Team Lando said...

Instagram is like crack. But not bad for you.