Thursday, January 26, 2012

Toy Boy

A friend of Steve's gave us his Wii console and games.  Pretty darn exciting for us, as we have wanted one for some time, and in addition to hours and hours of family entertainment, it could provide a fun, in-home way to burn calories for all 3 of us during these long winter hibernatory months of blubber-building.  (Okay, I'm speaking for myself only here, but it makes me feel better to include the others...)

Steve (to Samantha, on his way out the door yesterday to pick the device up from his friend):  I'm going out now to go get a new toy for you!

Samantha:  Boy?

Steve:  Did you just say, "boy?"

Samantha:  Yes.

Steve looked at her quizically, unsure of exactly what point she was trying to make.

Samantha:  I *like* boys!

Steve (honestly in need of just a bit more clarification here...):  Boys, or "toys?"

Samantha:  Boys.  And girls! 

A brief pause, then she quickly added:  But I *like* boys.

Steve:  You're too young...maybe in 20 years.

Sammi giggled then ran off to play.

Um...let's just stick to the Wii here, shall we?

(Psssst...what are your favorite "active" Wii games for kids?)


Cate said...

Wii Sports Resort. Abby likes the bowling best, but it has a lot of good stuff - basketball, ping pong. (And the swordplay game is awesome if you are having a bad day.)

Just Dance is probably her favorite. We have 1, 2, and kids, and the one that is for kids is not my favorite.

Mario Kart - it's a driving game.

We have Rock Band, and the kids can't really play that one yet - it's too complicated and fast moving. But they like to do it anyway, especially the drums.

My son (7) likes the lego games - star wars, harry potter. I haven't played those but they seem pretty well done (but probably for older kids.)

Rob Monroe said...

We got the Wii Fit board and the initial game that came with it - lots of fun things to try!

(Abby told me the other day that she loves everyone, boys and girls. Whatever floats her boat, right!?)

Rochelle said...

Hahaha, boys! Oh Sammi!
The just dance games are loads of fun but get the kids versions as the other ones have some interesting dance moves and outfits ;)

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

favorite bowling...I am good...sometimes I can beat Max! and sometimes my ball goes in the crowd! gotta love the game that everyone can enjoy! smiles

My Little Wonders said...

I love the exchange between Sammi and Steve! In terms of Wii games ...

we love the original Wii Sport, especially the bowling.

Wii Resort is also a lot of fun (though you need the special attachment things for the end of the remotes).

Wii Fit can be fun too, especially if you want to track progress in terms of fitness goals.

Wii Playground is fun and one my boys enjoy (you can play wall-ball, tetherball, slot-car racing and such).

Mario Kart is another favorite around here, though dh says he can't play it as it makes him motion sick.

(We really don't play too much Wii ... usually just once a week, but we have amassed a large collection of games over the years.)

Nan said...

We don't have Wii, but we do have boys! Just wait!