Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 1: It's Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

Today is October 1st.  To most people, it's just another day, Saturday, the start of a new month, the entry into autumn, thoughts of apple cider, brilliantly-hued foliage, falling leaves, Halloween...  To others, like myself, it marks another important time - Down Syndrome Awareness Month. 

To us Ds bloggers, many of us will try to raise awareness in the best way we know how - by blogging 31 for 21 (thank you to Tricia at Unringing The Bell for spearheading this challenge again this year!).  That's 31 days for Trisomy 21.  All. 31. days.  Really!  I know I'm essentially calling myself a liar after my post the other day in which I claimed a distinct lack of time now that Sammi's in Kindy, in which I cautioned that I may not be blogging all that often anymore going forward.  Okay, I may have stretched the truth a little bit in there.  Or, perhaps, I just proved how tenacious I am (!), how brilliant I am (!) at multi-tasking (really, I'm watching Kitchen Nightmares and writing this post at the same time), how my sheer determination (!) overwhelms anything that might stand in the way.  Whatever.

So I exaggerate a bit.  :-)

Okay, I'm going to do it!!  For the second year in a row, I'm going to take a stab at 31 for 21.  I was pretty pleased with myself last year when I actually pulled it off!  I can't promise the content will be so thrilling or profound, and may only consist of a photo or two or perhaps an interesting link to an article I found.  It might even be non-Ds-related on occasion.  It might be a rambling diatribe with no other purpose than to generate discussion (notice I call it discussion, not controversy, folks...).  So discuss away!

I'm quite excited to see what everyone else will be posting this month - it's a time for learning and sharing.  I hope that some of my non-Ds readers (are there even any of you out there?  Feel free to make yourselves known!) will learn something more about Down syndrome, and will share it with others. 

That's how we raise awareness.  That's how we'll protect our childrens' rightful places in the world, allowing them to live a Life Like Yours.


my family said...

Day one WOO HOO!!!

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

this year must have gone fast!! because it seems we just did this wonderful challenge!! so awesome to have this opportunity to teach and learn...cant wait to read this!! smiles

Anna said...

I know you can do it!

Crazy Beautiful Love said...

Did I ever tell you?? This time last year, right after Eslea was born and we were thrown into this new community of desinger genes....your blog was one of the first I came across. I saw Sammi and just knew it would be okay. All during the 31 for 21!
Just thought you wanted to know that. Maybe it will inspire you.