Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nothing, Yet Still Something

I feel a little odd not having posted yesterday. I think that if I look back at my history over the past year, I’ll find that I blogged at least something every single Monday. And probably every single Tuesday, too. Actually, I’ve been on quite a roll this year! I vowed to make a real concerted effort to keep my blog going on a regular basis about a year and a half ago as a New Year’s resolution, and have stuck to my guns pretty well.

And I can only hope that yesterday doesn’t mark my descent into slackerdom. Can you believe I’m already beginning to obsess about writing 31 for 21 in October? Maybe I can’t do it. Maybe I won’t do it, so “can’t” won’t have to be a part of my vocabulary… Maybe I’ll pull up my big girl panties and stop whining and obsessing about it and making excuses now, nearly 2 months in advance, and start to stockpile some blog posts I can use in a pinch when my slacker alter-ego rears her ugly head (hey, who you callin' ugly?).

Of course, this post is still essentially about nothing. And that’s okay. Seinfeld pitched an entire 9-year series of episodes about pretty much nothing, and even called itself “a show about nothing.” There’s something to be said for that. Like good comedy writers, I think.

So this past weekend, while full and varied in its activities (and sadly, notably absent of a trip to San Antonio for the NDSC conference), has no photos to show for it. Yep, I took a mini-vacation from my camera and decided that rather than worry about how I’m going to juggle expensive-piece-of-photographic-equipment, small child and large bag (trust me, I’m not very coordinated – just ask my husband), I’d enjoy the freedom of movement and only think about trying not to conk the small child in the head with the large bag while walking hand in hand with her. No wonder she sometimes stops in her tracks and says, “Other hand, Mommy.” Yep, she’s smart, that one (unlike her mother who hasn’t yet gotten the hint…).

We attended the DSANV summer picnic/pool party on Saturday, and, for the second year in a row, I did not bring our bathing suits. I just assumed the weather wouldn’t be conducive to playing in the water. No, that’s a lie. I just chose not to bring them. I always balk at the high-maintenance quick-changes that are required to get into the suits and get to the water, then to get out of the wet suits and changed back and presentable again.  Besides, I had just washed her hair that morning and didn't want to have to go through that again any time soon. Sigh. I opted for the easy (and less satisfactory to the child) way out, and told her we could just dangle our feet in the deliciously warm, oh-so-tempting pool while watching so many of our friends frolic and enjoy themselves in the water. After sitting in a puddle, thus soaking my entire backside, and after struggling to keep Samantha next to me instead of hurling herself into the aqua blue liquid temptation, I wrestled her away and back to the picnic area where I bribed her with treated her to ice cream.  And some chips.  And some grapes.  And a hot dog.  Never any worries about her starving at a cook-out.  We saw some old friends, met some new families, and Sammi got to play with her bff.

On the way home, my butt still wet from the pool-puddle, we stopped at our local Borders.  I swear, I nearly cried.  How seriously depressing it was, to see that place so decimated.  For those of you that don't know, a few months back, Borders announced that they were closing a large number of their stores and were sparing only a select few.  Ours was one of the lucky ones to miss the hatchet.  Until last week, when they announced that they were closing all stores and just plain old going out of business.  Borders' children's section has been a source of bad-weather solace on the weekends for a while now, with an exciting visit to the adjoining coffee shop for chocolate milk and a read of our new treasures.  Samantha loves it.  But now with winter coming again (ohhh, did I really just say that???  How strange...), we'll have to find an alternative.

Sunday I wanted to get us out of the house.  Going outside would require lessons in a mermaid's ability to breathe under water, which we just don't have time to find just now.  So the next best alternative was the perfectly air-conditioned mall, germs-be-damned.  Pizza for lunch, a couple of rides on the carousel (woo hoo!  Samantha is no longer afraid to go on the horses!  "Mommy, I like the horse!  Look, no crying!" as she held on like a pro, laughing and waving to Daddy waiting outside the gate), and a nice, healthy (not including the proliferation of germs) run around the kid's play area.  It's so nice now to see her strong and confident in there now, able to hold her own against the bigger, faster kids, and be sweet and gentle with the little ones.  I know she'll be too big and too old for it soon, though.  *sniff*  But at least I found this winter's new hideout!

After the mall, it was time for a nap.  I promised her that when she woke up we'd get to play in the kiddie pool outside in the back yard.  Needless to say, she fell asleep almost instantlyAnd woke a few hours later to a thunderstorm.  Bummer.  I gave it a little bit of time, wishing away the clouds, and cheered when the sun peeked back through.  And off to the kiddie pool we went.

And that concludes the run-on weekend run-down of nothing.  Heck, if we can have another weekend of nothing like that again this coming weekend, I'll be pretty darn happy!  But next time I'll be sure to bring my camera...


Team Lando said...

Was sad to miss the pool party, sounds like it was fun and toasty!

Runningmama said...

I know, so sad about Borders! Looking forward to the next set of pics!

Lacey said...

The other day we went to our favorite mexican restaurant, just to see that they had closed their doors! We seriously cried! Its a family owned restaurant thats been a favorite for years. They recently bought a bigger building, and had a delay in opening, and we are wondering if that was their downfall. So sad!!

Jenny said...

You better not slack on your blog, cause I LOVE reading your posts!!! And your weekend of nothing sounded pretty damn busy to me! lol

krlr said...

I'd hate to see what a busy weekend entails!

Tragic about Borders - I've been skulking in there a lot lately for the sales and feel like a vulture. A vulture still spending too much money on books though - We're moving on to the library!

Alicia said...

i've missed reading you. i've been busy lately but now with this last post i just catch up :)

i love your posts, i love the way you express your life, your thoughts, your humor :) and of course Sammi's adventures and pictures! :) all what i need in a good reading! :)

Melissa said...

I am such a blog slacker. I need to get back in the swing of things. I think I'm averaging about once a week now.

And I'm bummed about Borders too. Not that I shopped there all that often, but I hate to see bookstores closing.