Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Graduation Day, Part I

“Keep in mind that neither success nor failure is ever final.”  - Roger Babson, American Business Forecaster and Author, 1875-1967

Both preschool graduations are now under our belts (#1 from her "typical" private preschool on Friday afternoon, #2, from her self-contained public school class Monday morning).  Most of you know by now, however, that Friday did not go well.  At all.  (I'll write about Monday's graduation in another day or so.)  And thank you so very, very much to my amazing Facebook friends who listened patiently to me whining about it and offered up so much sage advice and support. 

Still trying to figure it all out.  One person mentioned social anxiety and the hesitation in the face of having to perform in some way or another.  I'm thinking that may be closest to the mark, as it seems to apply to multiple situations.  Sure, she still has an aversion to certain loud noises, but I've found that putting my hands over her ears satisfies her some.  I may look into some ear plugs for those occasions, to keep in my pocket just in case.

Anyway, let's just say she never went up to perform with her class, instead clinging to me in the audience, crying that she wanted to go home.  I managed to convince her to stay until the end, to have dinner with her classmates and have a little unwind time. 

Anyone remember this classic hand-over-the-face look from another recent post?


There's nothing quite like a quiet, empty room for a bit of regrouping and a few quick shots with her cap.

Starting to feel better.

For anyone who may not know it already, hot dogs (even cold ones) have magical restorative qualities, much like cupcakes. 

So do hugs from favorite teachers.

Miss K., her teacher, put together a beautiful slideshow video of the children in the class, comprised of shots taken throughout the shool year.  It was shown to the group after the children's presentation.  While I know there were very few dry eyes from the parents who watched it, I brought my copy home and put it on for Samantha and me to watch, and I blubbered like a baby.  Samantha, in all her empathic glory, gently wiped my tears with her pinky (emulating the way Daddy wipes hers) and said, "It's okay, Mommy.  Don't be sad, be happy!"  And dutifully brought me a tissue from the bathroom.  I explained that sometimes people cry when they're happy, although this felt like a blatant half-truth as the words came out of my mouth.


Alicia said...

oh my friend im sorry. it sure feels horrible, wishing we could do more to help them, sigh... sending you {{{{hugs}}} but I try to remember its ok, it doesnt matter, one hr will not ruin the entire experience, there are more good times than bad times :)

she looks so BEAUTIFUL! Im sure she was the most pretty girl in the room :D

Anna said...

Oh how I wish I lived right down the street and we would talk together and exchange hugs. The girls could giggle and play. Maybe after the happy and sad tears were shed we would be able to take the next baby step. Knowing that we too are being changed from the inside out as our princesses are finding their way. {hugs}

Jenny said...

Aww, poor Sammi...She did look awfully cute in her little grad cap though :)

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

that is tough...but I am so proud of Sammi...this is graduation...she rocked the whole school year!! learned so much and became such a confident young lady ready for the BIG K! and really hot dogs are a fix all!! hugs and smiles

Than4Keeps said...

Amazing milestones - congratulations! Must of been tough for Sammi to realized that she has to move onto a different chapter of her school life...BIG K seems scary but she'll be perfect. Have a wonderful day!

Cathleen said...

Here's my question for you: does she have the "performance anxiety" issues that she had at the graduation, birthday parties, etc - when she is at school and they sing happy birthday to someone? Or if they have to sing a song as a group, or perform in that kind of environment? I notice that with Lilly, she "goes with the flow" more when she's not around me - but if I am around she clings to me (because she has the option to, I guess - otherwise, she knows I'm not there to comfort her so there's no point to be upset over something)? Just wondering which way it is for her.

It's amazing what's "hard" for a child though - Lilly has been so demanding recently, and then yesterday we went to the ENT and he dug around with sharp instruments for 10 minutes in her ear to get wax out, and she was uncomfortable, but not crying or upset. Meanwhile, tell the girl she can't stand on the toilet with a guitar and sing, and she bursts into tears...

And by the way, I am so proud of Sammi for "graduating" both schools! What a beautiful bright little girl!

RobMonroe said...

Bummer that she was so anxious - glad you convinced her to stick around until the end.