Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring Lambs (& Goats, Alligators, Zebras & Big Shaggy Things...)

My friend, Crystle, also one of the volunteer photographers for the 2012 DSANV calendar, invited me along to one of the shoots on Saturday morning.  Heck, it was at the local zoo and with a mother, father and 14-month old boy that I've been wanting to meet, so the stars aligned and off we went. 

My girl has no fear.  Feeding the sheep like an old pro, hand outstretched and proffering pellets of something-sheep-and-goats-like-to-eat-but-looks-like-rabbit-poo, she showed she has the touch.  The touch of a compassionate soul, and of one who nurtures.  That's Samantha, through and through.

The day was absolutely gorgeous, with crystal-blue skies and a soft breeze. I had actually forgotten how amazing it is to visit animals at this time of year, too, when the babies are taking their first breaths, drinking their first gulps of milk, and seeing the sun for the first time. At Crystle's request, the zoo staff had agreed to provide some baby goats for the little boy (and Samantha, of course!) to be photographed with. 

Yes, my girl has the touch.  This little kid's name is Irene.  And, get this, she was 2 days old.  I felt really honored to be in the presence of such a trusting and delicate little creature, allowed to watch two such trusting and delicate little creatures interact with each other.  Samantha is so gentle, and just knows.

I'm pretty sure she would have wanted to go in and give the alligators just such a gentle, delicate welcoming, but I was sure to put the brakes on that by telling her that alligators eat little girls.  Was that wrong?  A little bit of healthy fear can't hurt, right?

I'm not sure if any of you have ever had the opportunity to take a tractor-pulled wagon ride out into the middle of a tundra to meet some pretty shady characters up-close and personal or not, but having done it before, I knew to sit in the center row of seats, leaving the outer seating to my unsuspecting friends, one of whom is not much of an animal person.  She took it all in good-natured stride, though, especially since the ostriches and the huge beast with the 3-foot horns (not pictured here, but in this blog post from last year) happend to visit the other side of the wagon, fortunately.

A perfect spring day.  *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Aaaaaw...the photo of Sammi and the little kid. I think I'm going to cry.

Beth said...

OH MY GOD. seriously, i just called all of my friends over to my desk to see these pictures because Samantha with that goat is the cutest thing i have ever seen!!!

Crazy Beautiful Love said...

So cute! I adore the pic of her sharing the Sammie love with the baby goat. Too cute.
Ummmm, we have alligators everywhere around here so yes, Emma knows that they can eat little girls. We even watch Swamp People just so she knows that the ones in the lakes around here are not cute and tiny! :)
I can't wait to Eslea bug is 5. Everytime I see Sammi I realize how much she is like my 5 year old and it just makes me happy to watch Es know? I was so scared at first but now...I mean, LOOK at Sammi. She is amazing.

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

so so sweet! love the pix! I think Sammi could be the kid whisper! looks like a fun day! smiles

Alicia said...

oh i love the pcitures of sammi with the baby goat.
lol @ your comment about alligators, but yeah knowing she has no fear of animals, i guess is a correct way of telling her to stay away of alligators :D

love! love ! Sammi's outfit

Erin said...

These are adorable!

Pallavi said...

Lovely pics..
I loved the pic where she is kissing that baby goat...

Melissa said...

I love Sammi with the brand new goat! How sweet. :)

evrfwd said...

oh what great shots...i agree with everyone that photo of Sammi with the little goat is precious. I look forward to the day when maya can have as much fun at the petting zoo. oxox