Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Characters Unite: Take the Pledge!!!

Today I was made aware of a campaign by the USA Network to get people to take a stand against intolerance and promote acceptance and respect.  This covers so much ground, from the realms of disability, bullying, gender-based intolerance, religious tolerance and general hate crimes.  And the most wonderful thing of all, they're donating $1.00 to their non-profit partners, including the American Association for People with Disabilities, for every pledge made over the next 4 weeks.  In the description of the campaign's mission, they write:

"(The) USA Network launched Characters Unite, a multiplatform campaign designed to combat intolerance, prejudice, discrimination and hate, and to promote greater acceptance, understanding and mutual respect for all people.  Because life is richer and we are stronger as a country when we see beyond stereotypes and appreciate each other for the characters that we are."

This campaign comes at a good time, a time when the news is blanketed with stories of bullying, some with unspeakably tragic endings.  This holiday season, give thanks for the love and compassion we are able to show to others, and know that we can make a difference, especially if we all work together.

Please view USA's brief PSAs here and please take the pledge here

Repost this wherever you can, and get the word out!!

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