Friday, November 12, 2010

"Because" Part II: Scenes From the Morning Rush

Me (teetering on the edge of feeling either super-human or just generally insane after the usual morning rush to get up, feed cats, make coffee, get child up, get said child dressed/washed/fed/hair-do’ed, put dishes away, make beds, gather and put out trash and recycling - all within about 45 minutes): “Samantha, it’s time to get on the potty so we can get you to school.”
Samantha (digging her heels in and burying her elbows and her face into the couch): “I don’t want to.”

Me (looking up at Steve and suppressing the overwhelming desire to laugh out loud): “Did she really just say, ‘I don’t want to?’”

Steve nods, trying to hold back his own smile, looking amused.

Me (to Samantha, a little worried about what the answer might be): “Why not?”

Samantha: “Because…because…I don’t want to.”

Good answer, child.

Couldn’t hold the laughter back that time.


Rochelle said...

Ha ha ha, love that beacause Sammi! Hope you get some of those on video!

Anna said...

Love it!!

JRS said...

I'm impressed that you make the beds. It happens a few times a year here, ha!

flutietootie said...

I feel your pain. You are amazing to do it all in 45 minutes and still have the beds ready.