Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 2: "Difference is an Artist's Game"

I saw this on Zoey's blog, Little Wonders, yesterday, and thought it was too good not to share.  Please take the time to watch this video by Clara Sigmon.  She combined an essay from an 8th grade English project with a film project for another class.  It was also a selection at the Rappahannock Film Festival in Virginia in 2008.  She has a beautiful and unique way of looking at the labels and stereotypes that society puts on people, and especially her brother, graced with the extra 21st. 


Zoey's mom said...

Came here and watched it ... again ... that is how much I love it!

evrfwd said...

This is so amazing! I loved the video. I might have to re-post this on my blog....hope you and your friend don't mind. =)

Dawn said...

If you are going to make me cry every day, I'm going to have to stock up on tissues.

This was such a great video.