Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scenes from the Bathtub

Fade in…Samantha sitting happily in her bubble bath lastnight, me trying to think of ways to bribe her to get out, but entertaining her in the meantime…

Me: Do you want to sing a song?
Samantha: Yes!
Me: What song do you want to sing?
Samantha: A-Donald.
Me: Okay! (singing) Old Mac Donald had a farm…
Samantha: (singing along) ai ee ai yooooo
Me: And on his farm he had a…
Samantha: No.
Me: No more Old Mac Donald?
Samantha: No a-Donald. Pat.
Me: Pat?
Samantha: (looks over at the vanity) Pat!
Me: I’m sorry, honey, I really don’t know what you’re saying.
Samantha: Pat! (makes frustrated whiney sounds while still looking over at the vanity)
Me: I’m so sorry, baby. Say it again?
Samantha: Pat! (looks like she’s got an idea) Blue yellow red!
Me: Ohhhhh! Paint!!!!
Samantha: (looks very, very pleased) Yes!

I reach into the vanity drawer and pull out her 3-color bath paint set with tubes of blue, yellow and red. Life is good.

Fade out...


Four Wonders Mommy said...

Smart girl! Great speech!

Lacey said...

Too cute.

Jeanette said...

Don't you love those conversations when they KNOW what they are saying and you are stumped! My poor son used to get so frustrated with me for not GETTING it.

I am so proud that she thought about using other words to get you to understand what she wanted. Good girl. You must be so proud, mama!

Renee said...

She is a smart girl. She knew to give you more information so you wound understand her and give her what she wanted. Too cute!

The Hobby Mommy said...

My girls NEVER wanna get out of the bubble bath either....funy both our posts today were bath related! ;)

Monica Crumley said...

Cute! I can't wait til John Michael is trying to tell me what's on his mind more than just by screaming.

Carol N. said...

We love to sing in the bathtub too! Painting would be a hoot - I'll have to get some for Aidan!