Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lots of Words for Wednesday

Mommy, Matthew won't let me drive!!

Leaning in for a kiss...

Sammi's turn...

One of the real joys of having a house is the smell of fresh cut grass in the spring and summer. Not like I’m the one doing the cutting, because I know it’s no easy task (cutting, weed-whacking, raking and bagging), but I do appreciate the scent of green. Not to mention, the yard looks so much better. Steve, quite possibly for the first time ever (or at least in the last 18 years), mowed the lawn on Sunday afternoon. It was a gorgeous day, the fluffy white cherry blossom trees in front of and behind the house were just past peak bloom, and neighborhood children were out and about, playing on scooters and bikes in the street. I love our location—in front of the house is a quiet street with sidewalks where Sammi will be able to play and ride her bike when she’s older, and behind the house is a school, with baseball and soccer fields, a large jungle gym, a biking/jogging path, and basketball courts. The neighbors all seem friendly so far, although we haven’t had too much interaction with them just yet. As the weather gets better and better, I’m sure that will change. I sat on the couch this morning watching the sun come up, the planes coming in to land, and drinking my coffee. On warmer mornings I’ll be able to do the same, only from outside on the deck.

Saturday, Samantha went to little Stella Ferguson’s (Audrey & Stella’s Playground) 1st birthday party. And what a party it was! Lots of people and kids (not like kids aren’t people, but you know what I mean), amaaaaaazing food (what a spread!), and another beautiful day. Unfortunately, Samantha was in the beginning stages of being sick and was very cranky. I didn’t realize she was sick until we got home, but she’s got a cold with a cough and a fever, and has hardly eaten since Saturday. I just thought she was tired and being a pain, but I apologize to anyone she was kissing at the party and hope nobody else got sick. I’ve attached some kissy-kissy pics of Sammi and Matthew above.

Samantha’s IEP meeting is next Wednesday. We have some concerns and a huge list of things we’d like to see happen, and hope that the teachers and therapists here in Loudoun County are as receptive as the ones in Arlington were last year. I’m a little worried, but will post more about this later. It’s been a little challenging reading blogs and posting on my own lately—it seems like I have so much less time to do it than I used to. I think the main reasons are that I have ½ hour less in the morning to myself (my commute is supremely crappy for the next couple of weeks, but will then get much better in May) and that our computer is now in a room upstairs, rather than near the tv in the living room. I used to be able to multi-task by watching my favorite shows and doing stuff online at the same time. I’m not complaining—I love having a separate office, but it means that I have to budget my time better.

More soon.


Renee said...

It sounds like you are in a great neighborhood. I am with you on loving the smell of fresh cut grass!

Great photos! I love her outfit.

Monica said...

I LOVE spring!! Though it just isn't feeling like spring for us yet!!! I can't wait till we need to mow the grass!!! I so, need to move!!!

Adorable pictures!!! Once the weather gets nicer here, I know I will not have computer time either.

Ruby's Mom said...

Where do you get Samantha's clothes?She is always dressed so cute!!