Monday, April 13, 2009

Bits & Pieces from the Last Week

I don't have the energy to write right now, so here are just a few bits and pieces from the last week, in pictures:

Pre-Raphaelite Goddess

Reading With Grandpa

Blowing Bubbles on the Deck With Mommy at the Lake

Sitting on Grandma & Grandpa's Boat

Sammi & Grandma Down at Lake Anna

The Easter Bunny Visits Our Yard
Domestic God

Definitely More Than I Ever Wanted To Know About Wasps


Monica said...

What fun pictures, thanks for sharing!!

RobMonroe said...

Too cute! Funny that the only picture of you is only the back of your head... Anny is the same way. :o)

Happy Easter!

Renee said...

Looks like you had fun at Lake Anna. I wish someone in my family had a boat and a lake house. That would be awesome!

Carol N. said...

Looks like a beautiful place! Sammi looked right at home there!