Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Inspiration

CBS aired this informative story lastnight. I know many other blogs are sporting this video today, but this is particularly timely for me this afternoon. I had my annual appointment with my OB/Gyn (yeah, I know most of you are women, so no yelling TMI!!) and took some photos of Samantha with me, as well as the most recent proof of the DSANV calendar. I had been looking so forward to my last appointment a year ago to thank her for not pushing the issue when I declined prenatal testing. It was just something I had needed to do, both for myself, as well as for all of those other women out there that want a baby because it's their baby, not because of the symbol of "perfection" that some people feel the need to strive for in their families. We talked today about how amazing I think my daughter is and about how different things are now than they were even 15 years ago for people to recognize the abilities and potential of children with Down syndrome. She then asked me for any materials that may be available that she could use and could share with her colleagues when counseling new parents or parents who have just received a prenatal diagnosis. I was so happy to hear that she would help to spread the knowledge--it's something that tends to be more effective coming from another doctor than from a passionate parent. She then hugged me, and told me I was an inspiration. I might have cried, I was so moved, but the absurdity of hugging someone while wearing a paper napkin on my lap kind of got to me.

Samantha is my inspiration.

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Carol N. said...

Thanks for putting the video clip on your blog--I hadn't seen it!

I'm glad you have a progressive and open-minde ob/gyn.

RobMonroe said...

I'm glad that CBS is finally talking about DS as something more than just "Palins child has it" which casts it as shameful. I have been hoping that we would finally be able to talk about DS and the people that are effected, and it looks like we're there. Maybe this is the positive thing that can come from her nomination.

I now have a mental image of a doctor hugging someone in a paper gown. That's worth a giggle. :o)

amy flege said...

how great!! way to go advocating for all our kids!!