Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Light at the Center of the Universe/Dinosaurs on Crack

The first part of the title is what it is just because that's what I called this photo on Flickr. Samantha is definitely the light at the center of my universe. 'nuff said.

The look of wonder on her face is the result of a man dressed in a big purple Barney costume. A big purple Barney on crack costume. All baggy and skinny-looking. Definitely the look of the Barney that turned to drugs after working with those awful children for so many years. You see, I always swore that any child of mine would never know what Barney was because he's so horrendous, but after watching it a couple of times with Samantha, I discovered that it's the over-acting, parent-coached, obnoxious, snotty little kids that dance around and sing with Barney that are so unacceptable to anyone that values pure entertainment for small children. Enough to drive any dancing dinosaur to a life of crack, and performing at children's birthday parties to support the habit.


Renee said...

Love the photo!

I agree with you about the kids. The only time I have seen the show I had the thoughts about the kids. They would drive me crazy.

Michelle said...

She had a great time with Barney! Poor Matthew had no idea who he was nor did he like him. If you have any photos of Sammi and Matthew walking can you send them to me? :)

Great seeing you all

Amber said...

First of all: Your daughter is SO beautiful!!!!

Second: I completely agree! I've never been able to stand watching that show. Your description was perfect! :0)

RobMonroe said...

I love this picture! I saw it on Flickr this morning, too. She's adorable and the picture is perfect.

e.Beth said...


that was a hysterical post. and even funnier because it goes with such a BEAUTIFUL picture of samantha.

Carol N. said...

A skinny drugged-out Barney? Oh, dear!

The photo of Sammi is gorgeous by the way--and the title hooked me (I just had to keep reading!)

Kitty, Nathanael's Mom said...

I almost escaped Barney with my younger 3 until one of my older 3 brought all her Barney VHS's from her dad's house, needless to say the vcr has been "broken" for a long time :-P BUT one time she "got it to work" and I have to admit, Nathanael LOVED the music and the dancing and he squeeled and had a blast. I'm sticking with Jack's Big Music Show and Yo Gabba Gabba for music and dancing (not to mention Signing Time..) though. Dang VCR never works LOL!!!

Tara Marie said...

I loved this photograph when I saw it on Flickr.......just precious and I fully understand about the 'Light at the Center of the Universe'!!!

and I'd love to see the Barney on!!! too funny!