Thursday, July 31, 2008

Post Wordless Wednesday - Searching for Crayons

Drat, I posted this as Wordless Wednesday, thinking it was Wednesday. Lo and behold, today is actually Thursday! Wow, I am so messed up. Okay, so I guess I can put words here, then. Anyway, I just wanted to post this image--I really like it. She's reaching for the crayons in a bin I had kept secret from her for a long while (it's where we keep the crayons and markers), but now she knows what's there, and knows how to get them! Not like she can do anything with them. She palms them so that when she "draws" on paper, she's actually just drawing with her knuckles. Something we and the OT are working on. I'm anxiously awaiting her first real drawing to frame proudly for my office.

School starts in a few weeks. I bought her a backpack--it was a strange feeling. Can't believe how time has flown. I always had good memories of back to school. My grandmother would take me shopping a week or two before at Rovners (can't remember if that's how it was spelled) in the Cumberland Mall, and I couldn't wait to start wearing my new duds! My favorite was in 6th grade, when she let me buy a pair of purple suede shoes with a little heel. I felt really grown up. Of course, I got tons of flack for it when I went to school since I was the tallest kid in the class already without heels. And for some reason, the first day of school was always the most beautiful, crisp, fresh fall day. Now it's just swampy until October, so all those back-to-school fall clothes will have to wait.

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