Sunday, January 6, 2008

Wild Child

Wild Child
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Okay, so it seems like we woke up the other day with a 2 year old, rather than a 19 month old. She's a willful (as we always knew she was), defiant (yikes!), temperental little girl now! When she doesn't want to do something, she hits, bites and scratches to get her point across. Of course, seconds later she's smiling and laughing again, so I have to remember not to take it personally. Tell that to the bloody scratch marks on my face, though. I know the behavior is totally typical of her age, if not a bit sooner than I'd expected it, and now's the time when we really need to teach her "no hitting (or scratching or biting, etc.)!" The two massive molars she's got coming through certainly add to the heightened emotions she's got, right now, though.


Tricia said...

But look how sweet and innocent she looks!

Michelle said...

I don't believe it....although I did see the scratches. Welcome to the toddler world.