Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just An Update

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I am so in need of an update to this blog, but so in need of something to write about! I guess I could talk about how Samantha has calmed down a bit after being so, uh, willful, as I'd mentioned in my last post. No more bleeding wounds on my face. I think I've come to better understand her boundaries and what kinds of things annoy her. I know not to push my luck, and have learned how to distract her with something she likes instead.
I'm trying to brainstorm some ideas for the 2009 DSANV Calendar. I've chosen to take the lead on it. Silly me--when did I think I'd have time? I was originally just thinking about compiling submissions from parents, but someone mentioned that they'd seen another Down syndrome association's calendar that had photos of kids with celebrities. Ugh. Great idea, but another layer of pressure. I've got to start thinking about this, because time seems to be moving soooo much faster these days.
We're in the process of trying to get Samantha into school next September (!!!), and have submitted the paperwork. However, we now have to go through several rounds of evaluations to determine if she qualifies for this special education preschool program through the Arlington County School System. I'm going to totally worry, now. If she doesn't qualify, Steve will have to stay at home for another year or we'll have to try to get her into a regular preschool (she's not on any waiting lists currently), which costs an arm and a leg. I'd really like her to have the structure of that kind of environment, and I'd especially like her to be able to gain the skills to be able to join the regular pre-k and kindergarten classes when she's old enough.
That's it for now.

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