Sunday, December 2, 2007


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We got Sammi all bundled up today to go to a free children's Christmas concert at Wolftrap. It would have been outside and we were going to meet up with Michelle, Brian, Matthew & Nate, but right before we left we noticed that it was raining Sitting in wet grass, even on a blanket, for two hours with a baby that totally missed a nap and was bordering on very cranky, did not sound like such a good idea. We decided to take a short visit over to the mall just to get out of the house for a while.

Yesterday afternoon, also after having missed the better part of her afternoon nap, I took Samantha to Pia's housewarming party. Pia is a friend who had a baby boy, Grayson, 5 months ago and just bought a new house. Nicole was there with Ryan, and there were several other moms and babies I know from Pia's "Spaghetti Sisters" lunches (lunch gatherings of preggo/newly birthed moms that have been put on hold since everyone who was pregnant has now had their children and presumably are discovering that it is waaaaaay harder to leave the house with a child than they'd ever anticipated). Samantha, social butterfly that she is, had a ball. She was waving to everyone, and was particularly enthralled by the other babies. She patted their hair gently (finally, she's not pulling anymore!) and was so sweet! However, her recent explorations into her future as a softball pitcher gave a nice little red mark to the face of one baby when she threw the book she was reading. No permanent harm done. Whew!

Next weekend is the DSANV holiday party. I'll be sure to post again then, and I'll certainly try to make it more interesting reading. Not too much to say today, except that Samantha is the coolest little kid on the planet.


Michelle said...

We missed you at the sing a long but know you would not have liked the weather! Looking forward to going next year.

Can't wait to see Samantha at the party this Saturday!!

e.Beth said...

that is the cuttttteeeeessssttttt picture! ;->