Monday, December 10, 2007

Get Me Outta Here!

Get Me Outta Here!
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Hehehe. We took a nap-less Samantha to the DSANV holiday party on Saturday for 3 hours. She actually did very, very well, and didn't start to melt down until close to the end. I wonder if there are special classes for Santas to take on how to deal with smelly/cranky/active/snotty/aggressive/overly-inquisitive little kids. They have this amazing ability to handle just about anything, and don't seem to have any qualms about it. I think this guy was someone's dad from the organization, but ordinarily I'd imagine that the store/mall/town center Santas are just guys who need a job. Scary that we let our kids sit on their laps! I haven't heard of any Santa horror stories yet, though. And to the two people who actually read this, have you ever heard of any?


Michelle said...

I love the photo and can certainly relate. The boys look like deer in headlights sitting with Santa. He was very good - Charlie's dad. I wish I would have remembered to get Samantha and Matthew together. Hopefully next year.

Tricia said...

My cousin was actually a Santa at the Cumberland Mall. As far as I know, no training course or anything. But I have never heard any horror stories. They are in a pretty public place with loads of people watching when your kids are sitting on their laps though.