Thursday, November 21, 2013

When I Write

I had to make a bit of a sacrifice recently.  Nothing terrible, but it has affected my ability to blog.  I love blogging, don't get me wrong, but I'm primarily only able to write when I'm on my own in the mornings after dropping Samantha off at school, in that super-short window of opportunity while eating breakfast before having to rush off to get ready for work (which I end up late for anyway).  But 2 weeks ago, I came into possession of an item I've been longing for for a few years now.  Something that I'm hoping will open new doors, improve my life, and allow me to resurrect an old wardrobe that no longer fits my expanding middle. 

Wait for it...

(Hear the angels singing?...ahhhhhhhhhh...)

A treadmill.

2 years ago, I was getting up 3 days a week at 4:45am, going to the gym down the road, running on the treadmill for 20 minutes, and then rushing home again.  The clock-change that fall affected Samantha pretty hard, and she started waking far too early.  I needed to be home to run interference so she didn't wake Steve too early, or so I could direct her back to bed for another precious hour of needed sleep.  Then, once she'd completed that stage, Steve's job changed, and he needed to be up early for work and to leave before I would have gotten home from the gym.  Besides, I'd lost my motivation by that point.  I still wanted to do it, but I no longer wanted to get up so early, or to brave the elements outside, including a really cold car that wouldn't have time to warm up.

So, it just so happened, two days before our 22nd wedding anniversary, a friend posted that she was selling her treadmill. 

I was so excited!  I jumped on it immediately, but knew I'd have to check it with Steve, to be sure he wasn't going to freak out about the amount of space it would take up in our already-crammed basement.  When I asked him, he was oddly silent for a few moments.  Then he stated, grinning, that he had been contemplating getting me one for our anniversary anyway!  So, without the expense of a brand new treadmill, I obtained an awesome, fancy one from a trusted source, and it is now camped out directly in front of the big screen TV in the nice, cool bottom level of the house. 

And that, my friends (who may or may not be snoring at this point in my narrative), is why I am not likely to be blogging in the mornings anymore. 

Sadly, my time on the machine is still pretty limited.  I can get to 1 1/2 miles within my allotted time frame (still late to work, mind you...), but know I could do far more, as I'm still feeling pretty awesome at that point.  But I'll get there.  I'll make it happen, one way or another.  And my goal?

To run a 5k this spring.  Not competitively, of course, but just to say I did it. 

So, while I will blog when and where I can, I have a new love in my life, and it's making me far healthier than sitting on my butt, eating a bowl of cereal far bigger than the serving size stated on the side of the box, trying desperately to think of something worth writing about.  Hopefully I can find inspiration while running, during the commercials while watching the last 20-something DVR'd episodes of Breaking Bad.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I fast-forward the commercials. 

Guess inspiration will have to find me.


Kerri Ames said...

Way to go! You can totally get that goal of a 5k. 1.5mi is a great start in the time you have available.

Rochelle said...

You go girl! Exercise is WAY more important than online stuff! But, I bet you will figure out a way to do both! ;)