Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Great Blog Revival

My Fashion and Frugality (for Kids) blog has been gathering dust lately (okay, more dust than this one!), and I've finally decided to get back on with it.  Summer is over, the 2014 DSANV calendar is in the printer's hands, and, well, I can breathe a bit again. 

If you're not familiar with Fashion and Frugality (for Kids), it's a blog I started last winter, inspired by one of Sammi's teachers who said I should start a blog about Sammi's clothes.  I want to inspire people to be able to dress their children in a way that's fun, practical and gets attention without breaking any banks, by sharing advice and photos in each post.  I'm a true bargain shopper, and rarely pay full price for things. 

Today I'm posting over there about one of my great consignment finds this summer.  I hope you'll join me there, become a "Follower," and be inspired!  (Ugh, that sounds so self-centered...but I think you'll see what I mean...)

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