Thursday, September 12, 2013

Running Late, As Always

One month and one event can make all the difference in my personal time management.  Just one month.  Just one event. 

The DSANV Buddy Walk.

For me, it's not just an event I pack my family up for, jump in the car, and attend, although sometimes I wish it was.  And I'm not even on the committee, a group of hard-working individuals who plan and prepare all year and then sacrifice their family time during the months/weeks before/day of the event to ensure all runs smoothly and everyone has a good time.  No way.  I think I'm too selfish for that.

BUT, I like to try to fund-raise in creative ways, to try to hit the $2,000 mark each year, and to get lots of people involved that are not necessarily a part of the Down syndrome community, to spread awareness and support the amazing organization that supports my beautiful daughter.  And I like to have as much time as humanly possible to get the annual DSANV wall calendar done in time for it to debut at the Walk.  There's so much last-minute stuff, in particular, finding out a model and a photographer never managed to connect for a shoot...  Every. Year.  And this year there were 3.  (yes, those are *real* tears of frustration streaming down my cheeks...

And this year, much to my dismay, the Buddy Walk was a whole month earlier.  My hopelessly procrastinating self shivered at the prospect, shut down at offers of help, retreated into the hole I hoped nobody could see me in, until I could formulate a plan to make it work.  And so that's kind of the stage I'm in now - it has to work, and I have less than a week to get it done so it can go to production and be ready on time.

And, just to prove I've been living under a rock, I created my Buddy Walk team yesterday, sending out fundraising e-mails a mere two weeks from the event. 

The event is a very worthy cause, and I ask you all to support our efforts to support an organization that has helped us immeasurably over the last 7 years, an organization that has helped so many families new to the Down syndrome fold, that continues to provide educational programs, scholarships and events for everyone, to help make a difference in the lives of people with Down syndrome.  Here's the link to our Team Page.

Join us in-person for a fun day for everyone, or donate today!

And hopefully next year the Walk will be a little bit later...  (hint, hint!)


Anonymous said...

Hello there from Kentucky! I am sure the calendar will be perfect like every year! We are attending the louisville walk first weekend in october.


Chromosomally Enhanced said...

It will go off with out a hitch! Because you rock! Cannot wait to see the calender this year! Smiles

Cindy said...

Oh Becca, I'm sorry you're under so much stress. Does it help to know so many people believe in you?? I'll be prayin'!