Monday, August 12, 2013

ONE21 - What it's Not

I've copied and pasted my friend, TUC's blog post from today.  She says it perfectly.  There is so much riding on this campaign, and I urge you and all of your friends to visit the ONE21 website, to share with your friends and family members, to get people involved.  Big things are moving for our loved ones with Down syndrome...

Here's her post:

You may have heard a bit about ONE21 recently, perhaps at the NDSC convention, or maybe here on this blog, or on Facebook and are wondering what it is. Before I tell you that, let me say what it is not.

ONE21 is not a research project and does not support any particular research project or type of Down syndrome-related research over another.

ONE21 is not an organization. While ONE21 was initiated by Down Syndrome Achieves, it is more of a campaign, or a group effort to do something positive for people with Down syndrome. The ONE21 website is a .org rather than a .com because ONE21 is a charitable project.

ONE21 is not a parent group. The people who support ONE21 are made up of advocates, parents, and researchers. And it is our hope to engage the entire community {Ahem, friends without children with Ds, that's you :-) }

ONE21 is not interested in a cure for Ds. ONE21 firmly believes in the value of people with Down syndrome and wants the best for them. We believe research can be a gateway to helping our loved ones with Ds live longer, healthier and more vibrant lives.

ONE21 is not a competitor to any Ds organization. What ONE21 aims to accomplish will be shared by all.

OK, so if it is not all that, then what is it about?

ONE21 is a community-wide initiative with community-wide benefits. We are bringing activism into Ds research and stepping up to provide researchers nationwide with the tools they need to develop breakthrough therapies and best practices that will help our families now.

Beginning August 21st, you will have the opportunity to make a tangible and lasting positive impact on the quality of life for all people with Ds by making a commitment to strengthen research capabilities for Ds researchers nationwide. Visit for more information.

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