Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sweet Day

Valentine's Day is a funny one to me, especially when it comes to celebrating with children.  I don't actually remember what my parents did for me on Valentine's Day, which leads me to believe that it wasn't that much of a big deal other than the excitement of getting all of the cards from my classmates.  Sadly, though, I also recall how painful it could be when I opened up my little bag of paper treasure to find that some of the cards were the ones with the frogs on them, or the dogs, or the not-flowery-sweet-girly ones.  I don't remember if those came from boys entering a stage of bashfulness around the opposite sex, or if they came from girls entering a stage of cattiness and cliques.  But that was always hard, my young brain not mature enough to understand either of those concepts or the idea that a box of Valentines only had so many flowery-sweet-girly cards and a whole bunch of the others, so someone invariably ended up with them.

I'm a little torn about how much to do for Sammi on this day.  It's not a big deal, in all honesty.  But since I feel like I lack a little bit in the setting-of-traditions for her (partly because most of the time she couldn't care less), I wanted to make this one at least a little special for her.  Steve and I got her cards and chocolate candies (oblivious to the fact that she won't eat them - M&Ms are her only candy poison, a fact that hit me as I was leaving Target yesterday with the mini-assortment box...), and I picked up a pink mermaid Barbie doll/bath toy.

At the last minute (read: yesterday) I remembered that last year I'd made Valentine's cookies for her teachers, so after she went to bed I raided the cupboards and googled a recipe, and came up with these babies:

Ridiculously easy, I realize now why sugar cookies are likely the most popular cookie to make - they contain ingredients that anybody who eats food should already have in their cupboards and refrigerators.  I made use of the heart-shaped cookie cutters I bought for a buck or two at Target after Valentine's Day last year as well as the heart-emblazoned treat bags I had the forethought to buy an extra pack of at that same time.

To make Samantha's day a little sweeter, I put a cookie in her lunch box along with her ham and cheese sandwich and a little heart-shaped note to tell her Happy Valentine's Day. 

I leave you with an appropriate quote this morning from the "Believe" book that Sammi's teacher gave me:

Believe that passion persuades.
"...everything in life responds to the song of the heart."
           ~Ernest Holmes


Jenny said...

Valentines Day was never a big deal in our house growing up...I just remember passing cards out at school. With my kids I always buy them a heart shaped chocolate and a little valentine stuffy or something small like that.

Happy Valentines Day!!

Anna Theurer said...

I just remember passing out Valentine's to the classmates. I remember thinking how cool those kids were that had the lollipops taped to their Valetines--(as in cool parents to give us lollipops). Those cookies look yummy!

lovemy3 said...

We never did much growing up for Valentine's Day. Just cards at school. I made the kids cupcakes and making my husband one of his faves for dinner. Low-key. The cookies look yummy!

Stephanie said...

We don't do anything for Valentine's day except give a card. I'm just not into it and never have been. I can't get my kiddo revved up for Christmas, so I'm not even going to try for a day I don't really care about myself.

Your cookies look awesome and tasty!

April Vernon said...

Great quote. And those cookies look delish! School was the only place we really celebrated Valentine's Day growin gup. My husband & I don't do anything special for each other, but the boys got to hand out treats at the library storytime party. That was enough for us.