Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snowy Day, Not Excited

Please indulge me on my selfish whine-fest this morning.  I know people have much bigger things to worry about, that this is trivial and silly, but it's all I've got today.  Well, at least until the cup of coffee I just inhaled begins to work its magic and my brain begins to congeal from it's gelatinous, slumbering state.

It's like my wish has come true.  Well, part of it, at least.  It's Thursday morning and we awoke to about an inch of freshly-fallen snow blanketing everything.  The snow is still falling lightly, and it's perfect for building a small snowman.  It's what I've been wanting for months now!  Just one snow, enough to build a snowman, slide down the tiny hill behind the house on our plastic sled, and just enjoy the weather.

But this morning I'm totally not feeling it.  No excitement, no thrill of anticipation.  Nothing. 

I think I'm just. too. tired. 

Samantha has spent the last 2 nights waking multiple times throughout the night with what I just figured out this morning is a head cold.  And when she wakes up, the cats wake up.  And when I try to get her back to sleep, the cats are up and playing and scratching on her closed door.  And that keeps her up.  It's a vicious circle.  I finally hauled both cats down two flights of stairs to the basement to lock them in the bathroom down there (where the litter boxes are kept) and we all went back to sleep.  Sort of.  The alarm went off for Steve at 5:30, Sammi heard it and came out of her room, and our day began.  sigh 

School's on a 2-hour delay.  Which is fine.  But in order to actually enjoy the snow, it needs to be while it's still fresh, not yet day-old and crusty, and it needs to be on a weekend when we can get out there at a normal time and have no other obligations besides fun and the promise of hot chocolate on the other end of cold.

I think we're supposed to be getting some similar precipitation tomorrow as well, which means conditions may be better on Saturday.  Guess we'll just have to wait and see.  And hopefully I can ingest a whole lot more coffee and get a lot more sleep between now and then. 

I think I'll do a little giveaway here on Monday or Tuesday, and try to build some followers for my new blog, Fashion and Frugality (for kids) at the same time.  The blog is still not up, although I may try to get an intro posted by then.  I'd rather have a decent reader base beforehand and not waste any halfway-decent posts.  :-)

Okay, enough exhausted, self-indulgent rambling for now. 

Today's reminder from the Believe book is this:  Believe that opportunity is everywhere and all around you, and the quote, from Ken Hakuta, is:

"People will try to tell you that all the great opportunities have been snapped up.  In reality, the world changes every second, blowing new opportunities in all directions, including yours."
Good words.


Christina Allred said...

I am sorry that you aren't getting any rest. I am also sorry that we are only getting a 2-hr delay at school. :( See you in the hallways!

Rochelle said...

Living your no sleep nightmare too. Both girls have colds and are so stopped up aren't sleeping well. Hopefully tonight will be a better night for all!

Jenny said...

And I whine because we get too much snow! lol

Hope Sammi is feeling better.