Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 17: About Reading: Terry Brown Podcast - So Happy To Learn

I was so excited yesterday to see on someone else's blog that Terry Brown, guru and creator of So Happy To Learn, participated in a podcast on Yvonne Pierre's weblog the other day.  If you missed my previous posts on the subject of reading, Terry Brown was totally instrumental in Samantha learning to read.  She's an amazing woman, an amazing teacher, and an amazing advocate for people with Down syndrome, and I feel very fortunate to have learned so much from her. 

The podcast runs for about an hour, and is totally, totally worth listening to all the way through.  Terry not only discusses teaching reading to people with Down syndrome, but also writing and math.  The link can be found here: (where you'll find a few photos dropped into the audiocast) or just click on the link below.

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Conny said...

And P. S. I am in LOVE with your beautiful daughter!!!!! ♥

Rochelle said...

OOO thank you for sharing! Totally want to listen to this!

Anna said...

How interesting. I have never heard of her. I do own, "teaching reading to children with Down Syndrome " and several others. I can't wait to listen tomorrow. I really need a new desktop and printer. Graces Vision impairment has really held us back. I had no idea how severe it was and I'm glad to know now to get busy! She wrote her first letters yesterday! Go see my post when you get a chance. Thank you for the wealth of information. We just don't have the resources other families do.

Kristi said...

Thank you for off to go listen to it and see what she has to say