Monday, July 16, 2012

Blogging on Paper, About the Cat

The following was painstakingly transcribed from my very own chicken scratch:

Sounds weird, I know, to be blogging on paper, but here I sit, in the public library, minus a computer, thankful for the generosity of the librarian who gave me a few sheets of paper to quell my boredom while Samantha sits, cross-legged beside me, paging through an Arthur book.  My wrist already hurts, very telling of life in the digital age where pens and pencils are used sparingly.  I'm also forced to think about what I'm writing, being far more cautious of making mistakes, as highlight delete and backspace don't apply.  Why, oh why, didn't I think to bring my Android tablet? 

So, from trouble with one cat, to trouble with the other.  When Delilah died, our remaining cat, Addy, has become insufferable.  It's like he picked up where she left off, whining incessantly for food, insatiable despite having food readily available at all times, refusing to drink water from his bowl in favor of long drinks from the tub faucet or the water pooled on dirty dishes in the sink, diarrhea, and using the rug in the office upstairs as an occasional litter box.

Unbelievable.  We thought perhaps he was pining, missing his sister, but we decided on Friday to get him properly checked out by our local highway robber veterinarian.  I dropped a stool sample off in the morning on my way to work, fresh from a pile left for me on the office floor, then took him in in the afternoon, after leaving work early.  Believe it or not, I actually heard him hiss for only the 2nd time ever in his life.  Always a very healthy cat, he'd never before been subjected to the indignities of a veterinary exam.  Really, who could blame him?  I'd hiss, too, if somebody...well, nevermind.

Big shocker was that he'd lost almost half his body weight in about 2 years.  Not a good sign.  The suspicion is either diabetes or a thyroid problem.  Seriously?  We'd only finally just stopped having to medicate a high-maintenance cat twice daily, and were actually enjoying the feeling of liberation we'd had over the last month.  The thought of having to do that again fills us with frustration and dread.  Uh, a feeling not dissimilar to that felt when I was handed the vet bill, payable on-the-spot.  Omg, did I mention highway robbery?  Ho-ly COW.  Full blood panel plus office visit plus fecal screen (which, by the way, has already come back negative for parasites), plus antibiotic (for diarrhea) plus probiotic (for antibiotic, for diarrhea), came to a rather large fortune.  *Gasp*

Test results should be back soon.  I'm not sure what to wish for, although when Delilah died I thought Samantha would miss her monthly visits to the pharmacy compounding center in another town with the cool fish tank where we got her thyroid medication.  We may be paying them regular visits (and small fortunes) once again.

Addy, on the cat tree at the vet, trying to regain some of his lost dignity.


Anonymous said...

Poor Addy!

Rochelle said...

OH no poor Addy!

Cate said...

oh, yikes. good thoughts. our ancient cat lost a ton of weight and it turns out her kidneys aren't working well. Not diabetes, just very slowly losing function. we put her on special kidney food ($$$$, and sold through the vet only) and she's been kicking along for two years now. (I say $$$$, but it's not THAT outrageous or we wouldn't do it. but still. more than the grocery store stuff.)

ChaCHA online said...

Your cat and my dog-- keeping the local vets in their fancy cars since, well forever!

my family said...

oh goodness. I had a cat for many years. I got her when i was six and she died after john and i were married...i was 23....oh poor thing had diabetes then seizures what a mess. She took shots twice a day and phenobarbatol.(sp), more difficult than a child
good luck with your sweet cat