Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday Special Needs/Disability Blog Hop: Say Cheese!

Happy Wednesday!  After a week of blissful slacking absence while at the beach last week and missing Meriah's Blog Hop, I'm back this week, and grateful that my hopelessly procrastinating brain and I don't have to think too hard for this one.  Fresh off yesterday's weighty topic of internet drama, I'm ready to add some cheese to my w(h)ine.  This week's Hop theme is "Say Cheese," providing fun pictures showing our connection to disability.  Easy peasy!!! 

While my connection to disability is not readily apparent in the pics below, my daughter is my connection, and my daughter should definitely be a movie star.  To be honest, Samantha actually has absolutely no clue what a movie star actually is, but I think she does get the concept of glitz and glamour and feeling beautiful.  That's not to say she ever doesn't feel beautiful, but when she does that little extra something, she's very proud, and ready to pass it along to the world to see. 

Thanks to Heather and Zoey's sweet, sweet gift they sent a few months ago, the book, Birdie's Big Girl Shoes, where Birdie put her mother's fancy, schmancy, big-heeled, pointy-toed shoes on, and struts around feeling just like a movie star, Samantha gets it.  While we were at the beach, we bought her a new pair of sunglasses, something she's been needing for some time now.  I gasped when I put them on her, and said, Sammi!  You look just like a... and she filled in the blank with, Movie Star!!

Yep, she gets it. 

The best part about these sunglasses, other than the fact that they match most of her clothes?  Well, with the aversion of her eyes when posing for the camera as of late, you can't tell if she's looking at the camera directly or not with her eyes covered!  Looks like she's looking right at'tcha, huh? 

I'll take it. 

Plenty of cheese here. 


ChaCHA online said...

Precious! I love it when kids ham it up for the camera, and Sammi could go pro with her skills!

My grandma would always tell me I looked like "Miss Got-rocks" when I would put on my shades as a kid. I never really got the entirety of that comment until I was much older, but I knew she though I looked fancy. :)

Rochelle said...

Lovin' the shades. She rocks the movie stardom!
How excited was Steve with England's win yesterday?

Deborah said...

Love the sunglasses! :)

Lisa said...

adorable as usual! But more importantly - THERE ARE MORE BIRDIE BOOKS????? YEAH!!!! Cate got one for birthday - Birdie's Big Girl Dress - and we've read it about 100 times. She loves it. I'm on my way to amazon to order the pointy shoes one right now!

Anna Theurer said...

Sammi definitely looks like a movie star ready to take on the red carpet! I would try the sunglass trick with Ellie (and her not looking at the camera), except she would yank them off and gnaw on them. Sammi Girl, you are a beautiful little star!

Team Lando said...


Anna said...

Love the sunglasses. I miss the days that g was wearing contacts. She had the cutest Dora sunglasses. Maybe one day. I love reading so I will have to hunt up the birdie books.

Anonymous said...

I've always loved reading your blog....until today. I found your post on faith and disability very offensive (to me) and sad (for you)
I always thought you were very understanding of ALL people but you were very hurtful in your words during that post.
Calling faith a "crutch",etc...For many faith and God are part of our daily lives.
They are part of who we are....just like DS is part of who your daughter is. Both equally special.