Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Last Week

I'm in complete disbelief that it's already the last week of school.  The last week of Kindergarten.  It's bittersweet, really.  We'll miss her amazing classroom teacher, Mrs. R., as she has believed in our little girl in a way I didn't think existed.  As the mother of an adult child with physical and intellectual disabilities, she gets it in a way that I don't think most people do.  She knows how to teach to children, to encourage them, to guide them along the path they are forging to their futures.  Sure, you could say that about most teachers, but this one's different.

All the trepidation we had going into a typical public school Kindergarten setting melted away on the first day when we saw how well-supported she was by her teachers, how instantly-accepted she was by her peers.  And watching how she's thrived in that setting, and hearing how everyone is 100% behind the idea of her moving on to 1st grade, we can easily say what an amazing experience this whole year has been. 

Moving forward, staying in the same school, having the same Resource teachers and classroom support from the incredible two Mrs. Ds, interacting with many of the same children she's been with all year, I feel confident that next year will be just as rewarding.  My only fears come from the fact that she will be with many other children that she does not know, those children from the PM Kindy sessions that we never, ever see.  But I'm sure she'll win them over in no time. 

We're off for a bit after school ends, before Sammi begins her summer school run for 5 weeks, where again, she'll be meeting a whole new group of (older) children, 1st graders moving into 2nd (there is no Kindy summer school program).  I'm looking forward to seeing what she'll accomplish there, how it will help build her confidence and flexibility.  Heh, I hope.

In this last week of school, Samantha has been given charge of Maggie, the classroom bear.  Since February, Maggie has been going on short adventures with all of the other students in the class.  And, while her clothes are seriously in need of a wash, I have to put my germ phobia aside for a bit and enjoy how Samantha has embraced the responsibility of making sure Maggie has a good time.  Last night they played piano.  Today they'll be going to the bagel store.  Tomorrow we'll be prying Sammi's death grip off the bear as we try to explain to her that Maggie has to go back to school now so she can have another adventure with someone else over the summer.  Most likely at the bottom of a box somewhere.  Or in a washing machine.    


Unknown said...

I love hearing how well Sammi does in a regular kindergarten setting. While I know that every child is different, you guys take away some of the fears about what lies ahead educationally for Colin. You really make us see that ANYTHING is possible!

Anonymous said...

Colin's parent is right! Sammi is an inspiration in every way. I'm sure the class bear had a great time.

Becca said...

Daddy told Samantha today that Maggie had to go back to school tomorrow. She said okay, but then asked if we could bring Maggie with us to the beach next week. He explained that she had to go back to school so another child could take her on an adventure, and she was fine with that. Tomorrow morning may be easier than I thought!

Team Lando said...

Oh, I love Sammi's teacher! Maggie is such a fun friend!

Anna Theurer said...

Sammi and Maggie having grand adventures! That photo of them at the piano is priceless. Have no fear mama, Miss Sammi is going to win over those PM Kindy kids so fast!