Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Froggy Soda

Sammi has a special friend.

A special little friend.

A special little pink friend.

A special little pink friend named Froggy Soda.

Don't ask. 

I have absolutely no idea where that name came from, since she's actually a child that doesn't even know what soda is.  I've always celebrated when Samantha names one of her toys something other than what it is (ie. Kitty, Bunny, Bear, Barbie, etc.). 

But this one baffles me.

I suspect the "Soda" part is not actually from the word "soda," but think she may have gotten his/her/? name from something else, and we just misunderstood her. 

But the name, whether correct or not, has stuck.

It's funny how kids latch on to things from strange and random sources.  A drawn-on paper placemat from a restaurant, a cat toy, a magnifying glass... Froggy Soda came to us from her dentist's office, from that little box of toys the children are allowed to pick from after their appointments. 

Froggy Soda often comes on car rides with us, guarding the car from would-be thieves when we're not in it. 

Look at that face and that cute little pink rubber frog - who am I to question why? 


Jenny said...

Froggy Soda, haha, now that's creative! When I was Sammi's age I carried around a little plastic ET figurine...I took it EVERY where with me...Until I forgot it at a park one day :(

Rochelle said...

Creative indeed! With a smile like that she could bring that little frog anywhere!

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

that ROCKS!! made me smile BIG!

Cathy said... her!

lovemy3 said...

Too cute!

teal915 said...

Madison got a hermit crab and named it Chi Chi.

Team Lando said...

Froggy Soda, I would NEVER risk stealing anything from you.

Anonymous said...

My friend's little girl had an imaginary friend named...Choo Choo Brother. Who knows where kids come up with this stuff!