Thursday, May 31, 2012

Celebrating 6, Part I

(Celebrating 6, Part II will follow, some time next week, after her party this weekend.)

This year felt different.  It may have been a new maturity level when acknowledging her birthday, this year over last.  I mean, she is a whole year older, after all.  But it's easy sometimes to forget, being as unbelievably old as I am now, how vast the gap is in between ages, especially in those young, formative years.  Of course it also may have felt different because it was the first time in 4 years that her birthday actually fell on a school day.   

The day started off with me really talking up the birthday thing.  Really reinforcing that she's six now, a really big girl, what a fantastic day, let's go open some presents...  Funny, usually she's a little resistant in the mornings, prefering to stay and play in her room over going downstairs for breakfast and getting ready for school.  *gasp*  Even funnier what kind of reaction you get when you tell a child that there are presents waiting for her downstairs.  Then watch how fast and compliant she is! 

She opened a few presents from us and from some far-away family members, oohing and ahhing as she opened a hand-knit sweater, a puzzle, and several books, extra-excited about the Matchbox car track with a loop-de-loop Steve had set up in the middle of the living room floor during the night while she slept.  We told her there would be one more present when I got home from work, and that it was a surprise.  Arriving at school a short time later, she was greeted with a card from the women in the front office, women who we visit each and every morning, spreading sunshine and receiving it in return, who set the tone for the school day ahead, then a gift and a card from her resource teachers, who I'd love to completely gush about, but since they read this I don't want it to sound like I'm putting it on, even though it would all be completely accurate and true. 

Yesterday evening, I brought 6 drop-dead-delicious mini-cupcakes home from a cafe near my office, lighting them for the birthday girl to blow out.  Never, in her 6 birthdays, has she blown out her own candles.  The first year she didn't know how.  When she was two, she never even got the chance, as another child attending the party pushed past her and blew them out himself.  At 3 she refused, so Daddy did it for her.  At 4, it was too breezy and we had to keep it quick, so again, she didn't get the opportunity.  At 5 she cried when everyone sang "happy birthday" so Daddy again did the honors.  I wanted her to have the chance this time, no pressure, no crowd, no wind, no nothing.

And she did it perfectly.

On Saturday we're going to request that people whisper the Happy Birthday song.

And, as promised, the last present...

Steve led Samantha down to the basement play area, asking her to keep her eyes closed and holding his hands over her eyes to keep our curious girl from peeking.

The look on her face here says it all

Pure joy.


charity said...

she looks so happy to have gotten drums

Alicia Llanas said...

felicidades Sammi!
oh Rebecca, it has been a joy watching her growth! i havent been following Sammi her 6 years, but i do agree that in a year (and maybe a little more) that i has been reading your blog, she has grown up so much, she is beautiful and smart, and you are lucky of having such an amazing daughter. :)

looks like she enjoyed her present, and the cupcakes. cant wait to see pics of the party.

by the way how are you doing with all the decoration? :)

once again, felicidades! and if we were there Elias would be more than happy to sing all his "happy birthday songs" (he has his rutine well learned of several songs lol)

Leah said...

Oh, happy day! Looks beautiful. Love seeing her so happy!

my family said...

what fun DRUMS!!! so happy she got to blow out her candles this year, isnt six great?

lovemy3 said...

What a great birthday! Did the drums come with earplugs for mom and dad ? :-)

Anna Theurer said...

A drum set! Miss Sammi's face is absolutely priceless :)

Rochelle said...

Love the drum set! Sweet! Happy birthday Sammi!

teal915 said...

Happy Birthday Sammi!

Laura said...

Love the drums! My Colin also cries during Happy Birthday. He's already informed me he will not blow out his candles this year. He will stay in his bedroom.

Amy Flege said...

welcome to the 6 year old club!!! we think you are pretty special Samantha!

drive your mommy and daddy nuts with those drums too!! hehe :)

Jenny said...

A drum set!!! How awesome! We demand a video of Sammi playing them!! Oh, and the blowing out the candles picture is adorable, love it! Hope she had a fabulous day on her Birthday...I still can't believe she is 6!