Monday, January 30, 2012

Sweet, Sweet Sunday

It was a sweet, sweet Sunday.

The day got off to a lazy start.  Breakfast at the bagel store (a favorite, as the owners are completely and rightfully smitten with Samantha), and some Wii bowling lessons from Daddy. 

Next, a visit from Gramma and Grampa and a quick piano lesson. 

It's funny how she's able to keep a tune so much better when she's playing the notes while singing (no, as much as I'd love it, she's not a prodigy - Gramma pointed to each note first).

Samantha talks incessantly about Middle C

I told my girl that after Gramma and Grampa left, maybe we'd go outside.  "Outside?  To play?  Mommy, Daddy and Sammi?"  "Yes, baby."  "To fly a kite?"

You know what?  I hadn't thought about it, but that's a fantastic idea!

Too bad the gusty, inconsistent wind didn't have the same aspirations. 

"Come on!  Let's go to the playground!"

Another fantastic idea. 

Cold, but fantastic.

"Hi!  Welcome to McDonald's!  May I take your order?"

Coincidental run-ins with good friends are the best.

Cold, windy, unscheduled playdates followed by steaming hot chocolate and mint marshmallows are even better.

By the way, white shirt + hot chocolate = art smock.  :-)


The Annessa Family said...

A little girl with a cup of hot chocolate and still my heart! LOVE it!


Than4Keeps said...

Love it...wish that everyday was Sunday :~)

Deanna said...

oh my word she is just too gorgeous!

Rob Monroe said...

Sounds insanely perfect! Our warm day is today, so after preschool we're going ice skating?! Weirdos, those Monroes. :)

I really love the pic with her friend - they both look so stoic and lost in thought. It's perfect.

Krista said...

Sounds divine! we have the kite!!! So much fun!

Zoey's Mom, Heather said...

The pictures are amazing but then again, they always are and your girl, beautiful. Oh and her buddy, handsome, oh so handsome.

Happy Monday.

Rochelle said...

Sounds like a fabulous day!

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

that is a PERFECT Sunday! I love unplanned anything! but playdate is the best! mint marshmallows sound so yummy! love the pix! smiles

Anna said...

Becca, my artist heart is just all aflutter with the colors and moments you captured! I mean really, its just too too much for me to stand.( I love the art smock idea- count it stolen for sure!)Have a happy week!

Leah said...

What a lovely, beautiful day. With gorgeous pictures (as always!) to showcase our favorite long-haired beauty.

krlr said...

Those days are what it's all about.

And does Sammi have a *sweetheart*?

My Little Wonders said...

What a wonderful day! And the picture of Sammi and her friend is precious.

Team Lando said...

Be still my heart.