Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Most of my blog posts are written while I'm in the shower.  Or driving my car.  Or walking down the street.  Or wherever I have absolutely no access to a computer whatsoever, let alone pen and paper.  So, subsequently, most of my blog posts disappear into Never Never Land, because as a rule, I'll then go to sit down and tap it all out, and...pffft...nothing

Maybe I'm just making excuses, but this week has been a particular font of nothingness, no matter where or when I try to come up with something.  Most of that is from a lack of functional brain activity, due to the most outrageous, awful, snotty, wannacutmyheadofftomakeitstop COLD.  Many thanks to my friend, Cathleen, who has offered up the services of her neurosurgeon husband who could save me a bit of trouble and cut my head off for me (with, may I add, the possibility of re-attaching it once the cold is gone, thankyouverymuch).

Steve's got it bad, too, and is a few hours behind me in his misery.  Samantha seems to have skated through it earlier last week with a runny nose and a little bit of lethargy for a day or two.  At least I'm hoping it was the same cold that we've got now, or else we'll be in for some serious nastiness from her in the next few days. 

My poor, cold-addled brain couldn't come up with much more than this post for today.  Nothing elaborate, no pictures, no recipe disasters, no Christmas joy, no nothin' except a little whine-fest by me.

I'm entitled, right?. 

And when this is all over, and my clear and happy head is re-attached (can't wait until I can open my eyes properly again!), I'm hoping that my showers/walks/commutes will again be productive, and again result in some better blog posts going forward.

Maybe it's time for another Q&A?     


Deb said...

So sick here too! My 2 year old has a double ear infection and I think Evan is next... all in all no one is sleeping at my house... GOOD TIMES!

Rochelle said...

Hoping you are feeling better soon.

Runningmama said...

I hope you feel better soon. Chase had a fever of 102 last night and I believe we may have the start of a big time cold in our house :-(

Melissa said...

I blog in my head a lot too. But at least you have more than one post a week actually get written. :)