Saturday, November 5, 2011

More About Those Holiday Cards...And Other Weekend Stuff

So, I didn't think I'd have any trouble trying to give stuff away yesterday!  LOL  C'mon, guys, don'tcha want some free holiday cards from Shutterfly?  I know the blogosphere's been a little saturated with this offer this week, but all I can say is for those of you who haven't submitted any entries, what are ya waiting for?  Seriously, I've been looking forward all year to making my holiday cards this year.  I loved last year's so much!  Please take a look at yesterday's post and the 4 ways you can get a chance to win one of 3 codes for 25 free cards from shutterfly.  Now with those odds, it's a pretty good chance you'll win...  Easy, right?  And one of those ways to win is by donating to the adoption fund of one of the Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree children.  I was kinda hoping to generate some funds here...maybe not the most efficient or effective way, but it's something, right? 

Anyway, that's my little bit for today.  :-)

Samantha was up at an ungodly hour again this morning (she's been skirting 5am all week - wth?  And I know it's only going to get worse when we change the clocks tonight...), but at least it's the weekend and I can give her a nap today (who am I kidding?  It's just my excuse to get a nap myself...).  Need her fresh and happy to go see Puss In Boots this afternoon!  Won't attempt the 3D version, as I highly doubt she'd keep the glasses on the whole time, but I think she'll really enjoy the movie.  Anyone else gone to see this yet?  Can't go wrong with Antonio Banderas, an animated cat and some brilliant Shrekian humor, right?

Oh, and back to the holiday card thing...I really want to do the photo shoot with Samantha this weekend for the card pictures, but I have this vision in my mind of where I want to do it, and how I want it to look, but logistically, it could be difficult, if not impossible, location-wise and, especially, cooperation-wise.  Maybe I'll just be brave and attempt it.  It's nothing daring, it's just not practical.  Whenever I try to stage something that's been growing and building itself up in my mind, a perfect scene taking on a life of its own, Samantha decides that she will do anything and everything to sabotage it.  Anyone ever see a Christmas card with a pouting, frowning, crying kid on it?  Me either. 



Rob Monroe said...

Christmas cards with pouting kids are actually the cutest ones around. :) Not fun to be the parent sending them out, but fun to receive!

I have not begun to think about Holiday pictures, but you are right that now is the time. I don't know if I could convince Abby to participate just yet. I'm curious about where your perfect-plan-pics are. We always loved the Botanical Gardens downtown.

Meriah said...

Me! Me! I want 'em! I have to go back and read what I have to do though. I'll be back.

Anna said...

Ugh, She and lil G must be cut out of the same mold. I loose my patience with that girl and picture taking. Eating has been hard lately too, and her bedtime schedule...... yeah its turning into a list. Sweet as all get out from morning till nap.

Monica (Jakel) Crumley said...

Well... actually, my favorite photo of all time is last year's Christmas photo of the 5 kids. Greta is holding the sign that says "Joy" and John Michael is wailing with his mouth wide open. I found the humor in it and posted far and wide and put it on the cover of our Shutterfly photo book. As for Shutterfly, I don't print photos anymore. Rarely... and if I do, it's just a quickly home job to slap a pic up on the cabinet. You should see how many photos for 14 years I've got stored all over the house (the attic is too hot). Crazy!