Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 18: 3rd and Final Buddy Walk of the Season

(Q&A will continue tomorrow...in the meantime, please read down to the bottom of this post for a fun Blog Hop for Ds awareness on 10/21!)

Steve's nose is a bit out of joint.  If you're not familiar with that term, it means to be upset or irritated, especially when displaced by someone.  He claims that no fewer than 4 people came up to him at our Buddy Walk on Saturday and said, "Oh, you're Rebecca's husband, right?"  He has ceased to be Steve anymore, and now needs to get comfortable with his new designation, I think.  But he should be used to it already - he's usually Samantha's dad, just as I am usually Samantha's mom.  Actually, with that addition, I think it gives him even more identity, right?  Or doesn't it work that way...?

Saturday was perfect.  Perfect day, perfect company, just...perfect.  Thank you to everyone who donated to DSANV through our team, Sweet Pea United, and thank you to our friends that joined the team and walked with us!  Trust me, this organization has been very good to us and to so many others, and that money goes to a great cause.  

I was so happy to get to meet some of my awesome blog friends (Megan, Crittle, Tricia, Brooke, Denise) IRL, which was a real treat! Especially when it was completely unexpected in two of those cases! Ah, if only we had more time...

Samantha rose to the occasion, enjoying herself immensely, pushing through sleepy-time like a pro, then yapping the whole. ride. home.  Not sure how she did it - I was ready to drop!     

Grand-Marshall-and-icon-to-children-with-Ds Rachel Coleman (in the gold jacket, to the left) leads off the pack.  She performed later, and I dragged Samantha down to the stage, hoping she'd want to dance, but she wanted nothing to do with it.  Frankly, I was a wee bit jealous, watching the sea of children and their parents dancing and signing along to the songs, while I was completely clueless (see my post the other day about why Sammi doesn't know Signing Time).

And the crowd surges ahead...  I felt like I couldn't adequately convey just how many people were there!  I wonder what the final count was, but I think we've usually averaged @2,000.  Given the weather, certainly that number was higher...?

Our cool yellow sign post for hitting (and then exceeding!) the $2,000 mark. 

It was a day of educators.  Joining us on the walk were Samantha's teacher from the private preschool she went to last year (pictured below - we LOVE Miss Katie!!!) and her Assistant Principal from the public school she'd been in for the last 2 1/2 years.  Both said they had an amazing time, which really means a lot to me.  I know that getting educators involved in Down syndrome awareness is hugely important - these are people that are perfectly set up to make huge differences in our children's lives, and these two in particular certainly already have. 

Also at the walk, having joined other teams, were Samantha's private speech therapist and her current Assistant Principal!  Sooooo glad to see so much support from all sides.  :-)

Yep, that's Dora on that horse!  There was some serious character weirdness going on that day, starting with Elmo's broken eye and skinny, matted, cracked-out self, then Spider Man's need for a little girdle (although he was soooo nice - he picked Samantha up and was talking to her, and even directed us to where Dora was), then Dora riding a horse.  Hmmmm...whatever.

The day ended with Samantha getting up on the stage and dancing.  Seriously, this child should have been nearly unconscioius by that time, but she was like the Energizer Bunny, all set to keep on partying!

Looking forward to next year already!!

Oh!  And one more thing!  Erin, at Crazy Beautiful Love, has come up with a brilliant plan to help raise awareness on October 21st, and I have agreed to be a host.  Sounds like fun!!  See below:

Copied from her blog post...(because I certainly couldn't come up with this on my own!!!)

Hoppin' for 21 "rules":

1. You need to be a blog owner. The blog does not have to be a special needs blog. You only need a desire to promote awareness for Down syndrome. (Scroll down to see how those that do not blog can participate too!)

2. Link your blog up below. You can begin linking up immediately. You must be linked below to be eligible for the giveaways! (see below)

3. On the day of the hop (10/21), visit as many blog hop participants as you possibly can!

4. Leave a comment letting that site know you found them from the Hop and you appreciate them supporting awareness of Down syndrome.

5. (Optional) If you see a site you like, become a follower! Make sure you let them know you are a new follower and they just might follow you back.

6. (Optional) Mention somewhere in a post on the 21st that you are supporting Down Syndrome Awareness month by participating in the hop. I will provide a thumbnail for those that want to share it with others!

7. (Optional) Drop by each site of those hosting the hop and say HI! Let them know you appreciate them hosting!

8. (Optional) Help us promote the hop! Mention it in posts, on facebook, twitter and provide a link back to the hop link page. The more people that participate, the more people become aware of the beautiful designer gene world of Down Syndrome.


Every participant (excluding the hosts) will be entered in a random selection giveaway. Right now we have two prizes and I hoping for one more donation. You only need to participate and follow the "rules" to be eligible.

1. $10 Walmart Giftcard

2. Lily Bloom lunchbag

3. (Facebook giveaway)


So, you don't blog huh? That's okay! You can help spread awareness too!

An event has been set up on Facebook for those wanting to participate. Just go here to see how.... Hoppin' for 21 on Facebook. Those who take part in the Facebook event will be entered into their very own giveaway for a $10 Target Giftcard. The basic idea is that you join the facebook event and follow the event "rules". The rules involve you posting a status on 10/21 stating that you are participating in the Hoppin' for 21 event to support Down Syndrome awareness and provide a link back to the Hoppin' for 21 on Facebook event page. That's it. Simple. Plus, don't forget you do not have to be a blog owner to read blog posts and leave comments!

Questions about the hop? Send them to info@crazybeautifullove.com and she'll get back to you as soon as she can.

The Hop starts at 12:00am on Friday October 21st and ends at midnight!


Team Lando said...

It was an amazing day, and Sammi was such a doll!

Adding to my list of questions, although this one is rhetorical: How the heck did I miss Dora on horseback?

And props to you on the calendar. Along with what my mom emailed about, we bought NINE.

Crazy Beautiful Love said...

Thanks for hosting the HOP! We need more people! :)
I LOVE the picture of Sammi up close riding shoulders. Too friggin' cute. Love. Love. Love.

RobMonroe said...

Since that Rachel Coleman lady is a regular, do you want me to send you a CD of just the music? Most of it does not even get skipped when I hit random on my ipod at work. You might now know the signs, but then Samantha would know the music, right? Let me know. :)

Glad for another great year for Sweet Pea United! We remember our trip fondly, even Abby brought it up the other day. We have our Button on our freezer and display it proudly!