Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 12: Stand For What You Believe! (alternately titled: OMG, it's POISON!!!!!)

A quick housekeeping note - my sincerest apologies for going on day 4 or 5 of not having a chance to catch up on all the wonderful blogs I follow!!  I feel a bit of an empty spot today for not knowing what you and your beautifully-enhanced (uh, that sounds a bit like we're genetically-engineering our kids...) children have been up to or what valuable tidbits of advice you've posted these last few days.  While I love being busy, I don't like to be out of the loop for so long.  Bear with me, I'll be back and catching up eventually!!!! 

And, in the interest of time-saving skills at their best, rather than finish writing the dozen or so posts I've started in my queue (including my 2nd Buddy Walk of the season from this past Sunday), here's a quick, fun news story link for Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

For those of you who live in Florida, who may or may not live somewhere in the vicinity of Orlando, who may or may not be fans of the slightly hypochondriacal, ever entrepreneurial, rather loose, uber hot Brett Michaels, who may or may not be ready to admit to re-live their hair band days of yore, Poison are doing a concert to benefit the Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida on November 5th!!  Click here for full information or to purchase tickets for the Stand For What You Believe concert.  Not sure I want to pay $2,500 to have a hot dog with Brett (oh, so many things I could say here...), but a good cause is a good cause.  How cool is that?

From the website:

Poison added this unscheduled and intimate concert after the end of their Reunion Tour - it is unlike anything they have ever done before!

VIP ticket holders will enjoy an after-party where the band members are going to serve up Nothin' But a Good Time at an exclusive BBQ on the John Lennon Terrace at the Hard Rock Live after the concert.

ONLY 43 tickets on sale to the public for VIP Experience!
CALL 407.222.7232 for VIP Package Sales
$1100 @ VIP Experience
VIP Reception
Reserved Table Seat in Lower Balcony
BBQ & After-Party with Poison
$2500 @ 'Like a Rock Star' Experience
VIP Reception
Personal invitation by Poison for exclusive viewing area for entire show
BBQ & After-Party with Poison

Mingle and have a burger or hot dog with POISON. This is the only time the band has ever held this kind of VIP event.

During the concert the band will auction off select items and a LIMITED number of VIP passes to their BBQ after party.

All proceeds of the concert will go to support the vision and mission of The Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida.

You don't want to miss Poison in Orlando!


Anna said...

Well..... its only an 8 hour drive and about $1,000 more per person than we can afford! ha ha! Sweet they would do this.

Crittle said...

That's pretty darn awesome! Now, if this were a band that I super LURVED? I would so be there. Not to say that Brett isn't awesome though.

Cindy said...

Wow, very impressive! Unfortunately, living in WA State, I won't be able to attend. :) But I'm so glad they're doing this!

Go Poison!!

my family said...

knew I loved him for a good reason:) awesome, so glad they are doing this however we'd be set back $5000 when all was said and done

RobMonroe said...

That's pretty darned awesome! Wow...

doozee said...

Laugh. Out. Loud. That is TOO, TOO RAD, dude. Brett Michaels. Full hair glory. Down syndrome fundraiser. In one post. I'm going to need to lie down now