Friday, September 2, 2011

Rent Your Text Books, Change 1,000 Lives!

I know this seems a little bit out of left field, given that I haven't even posted most of my vacation photos yet, but the timeliness of this is pretty important.  Many of you are probably familiar with Operation Smile, but if not, they're an amazing organization that provides free, life-changing surgeries for cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities, for children around the world whose families would not ordinarily be able to afford it. The World Health Organization estimates that cleft lips and cleft palates occur 1 in 500-700 births, and Operation Smile, with a presence in over 50 countries, is able to provide their services through the generosity of volunteers and donors.

And while these surgeries give children a chance to exist as full members of their societies where they may have been previously shunned or hidden away (something we, as parents of children with special needs know all too well about the past in our very own society), Operation Smile, in existence since 1982, also leaves behind education and training tools to help enrich the lives of others to come.

With the school year just now beginning, there is a way you can help Operation Smile and help your loved ones that are heading off to college or university. When I was in school, buying books for classes was a tremendous expense, at $100 or more for some books. And while I was fortunate enough to have my parents paying for them, I know it was a pretty big burden on them. And selling my books back at the end of the semester was a huge rip-off. Campus Book Rentals provides those same textbooks used by educational institutions across the country at prices that you can afford, with free shipping both ways! There are no sign-up fees, books take only 7-14 days to arrive, you can highlight and make notes in them, and books can be purchased after the rental period if you choose to keep them. And not only that, Campus Book Rentals has partnered with Operation Smile and for EVERY book you rent, a portion of the proceeds will go directly to Operation Smile as part of their 2011 Making a Difference Program. Their goal is to change at least 1,000 lives, providing the funding for at least 1,000 surgeries through Operation Smile!

Please check out their website and begin your painless textbook ordering and charitable contribution to Operation Smile today!



Lacey said...

I will definitely remember that as Ray starts school up again! Thank you!

Than4Keeps said...

Such a worthy cause, I will forward this information to my nieces and hope that they would take advantage of this. Thanks!