Monday, September 12, 2011

Leaving Being Betty Crocker to Betty Crocker (plus a giveaway!!)

I'm a really lazy cook.  I think that's why Steve doesn't really allow me to cook anything.  I'm impatient and can't be bothered to follow directions or measure out ingredients for a recipe.  So maybe I'm not really lazy, but just subscribe more to that old-fashioned practice of just a pinch of this and a pinch of that.  Yeah, that's it.  What I said.

The older Samantha gets, the easier and more fun it is to get her involved in helping out with things, like baking.  She loves to stir and pour, but has my own patience deficiency (oh, you say it's the nature of a 5-year old, I say she gets it from me...), and I often lose her halfway through.  

Betty Crocker has just come out with this fantastic cookie mix, perfect for short attention spans and the need for near-immediate gratification.  And even more perfect for involving little ones.  First of all, who can resist molasses cookies?  Second, who can resist a 20-minute-start-to-finish recipe for freshly-baked cookies?  Not us!

Samantha and I set to the task, and she was only too happy to help.  And me, being the impatient cook that I am, didn't let the butter soften quite enough, and knew that I'd really be putting this mix to the test.  If it could still turn out right when I didn't follow the instructions, then it was definitely the right thing for me!

Spinning, spinning...

Don't worry, this isn't all it made...this is the nearly-empty bowl after the first batch was already on the sheet.  

The recipe makes 3 dozen cookies if you use a teaspoon.  We used a teaspoon, but perhaps rounded them a bit too much.  Besides, I prefer bigger cookies anyway!

I was shocked, Samantha actually sat in front of the oven and patiently waited the entire 10 minutes they took to bake!

We demolished a fair number of them right out of the oven.  

Omg, sooooooo good...

And now for the giveaway part!  For all of you, here's a .75 coupon for the purchase of Betty Crocker's Molasses Cookie Mix.  Also, Betty Crocker has teamed up with MyBlogSpark to provide me and one of my readers the gift pack in the photo below.  Let me just tell you, these are awesome items, all used in the making of the cookies above (I was wearing the red apron, so there are no photos of that) not the least of which is that pack of cookie mix. 

There are 2 chances for each of you to win - first, please tell me what you plan to do with the time you save by making Betty Crocker's Molasses Cookies this fall.  Second, please "like" Betty Crocker's Facebook page and let me know in a separate comment.  I will select the winner randomly on Wednesday.

Good luck, and enjoy!  These are seriously yummy.


Team Lando said...

It's not so much saving time, it's making twice as many cookies in the same amount of time!

miradoro1 said...

Now you just need to label that one as "waiting for cookies" as part of your "series" on "waiting for..."

doozee said...

oh boy. this sounds like a givewaway that takes work, but we DO need a new cookie sheet... (smile).
the time I'll save? why, I'll smell the roses!

ps. I LOVE molasses cookies too - I made them all the time when I was a kid in Fiji, with the big jug of molasses and grated the ginger right in and the whole shebang.

Anna said...

these cookies sound great! We like buying the gingersnaps in the brown bag. The time I save..... snuggling my little one of course!

Lisa said...

I would start a book that I'd not get to finish - but allowing Cate to help me means cleanup will take twice as long so I think I'll come out even!! But I love molasses cookies so I'm fine with that! Here is a great easy cookie recipe from a friend's food blog. Cate and I made them last night in 10 minutes.

my family said...

Im not a baker (or chef) either. John laughed at me the other day when I made cookies and he saw me measuring:) I usually burn everything or mess it up, yes that is why HE cooks. My extra time will def not be spent in the kitchen but I am going to try these thanks for sharing

wendy said...

I cannot make cookies! I almost always burn them. Claire and I seem to have success making cupcakes and muffins, I leave the cookie making to her and her Dad. Great Pictures!

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Um, is she not the cutest baker ever??

As for the time saver ... gosh ... hate to tell you,probably some other necessary household chore. I could have lied you know!!!

Anonymous said...

Well we love cookies around here and with 2 little boys helping I don't see me saving too much time but having them help is worth all the mess and extra time.