Monday, August 15, 2011

Of Rashes and Lollipops

The fashion accessories Samantha is sporting on her shoulders in the photo above are none other than band aids.  And band aids from the doctor, no matter how cute they are, adorned with Tweety Bird and Daffy Duck, are still a source of tears as she recalls the reason for those band aids and how much those darned things hurt being ripped off your skin.  Thankfully, three of the four fell off on their own, and Daddy distracted her enough to pull the fourth off sans drama.

However, the reason for those band aids was a series of injections.  On Friday, Daddy took her for her 5-year check-up before school starts, and while 3 shots were supposed to be the norm, a 4th booster that had been unavailable at the previous year's appointment was added.  And they were all shots for the icky, rashy childhood illnesses, Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Chicken Pox.  Yum.  All things I managed to escape with a natural or acquired immunity growing up, but watched my mother suffer through at 30.  Samantha weathered the shots well with just a few tears, and went back to her summer camp class right afterwords with no adverse effects.

Until morning.  She woke up on Saturday with a nice, red, raised rash around her feet and ankles, hands and wrists, elbows, and knees, with a little pinprick rash all over her body.  Now even if you're a medical professional that I have called on Saturday morning to get advice about what's going on, don't tell me that it doesn't sound related to the vaccines.  Seriously?  Now that would be highly coincidental not to be.  Ridiculous.  Just because her reaction came immediately afterwards instead of days/weeks later, and was more localized to particular parts of her body instead of uniformly all-over, I should take her to Urgent Care or the Emergency Room (peds office was too fully-booked on Sat. to even have us come by to just take a look at the rash??) to see if it's something else?  I was never worried.  There was no swelling other than the raised rash, and she wasn't itching or in any apparent discomfort.  I let it go, and by Sunday the rash was pretty much gone.

I'm not one to ignore something that could be a serious concern, especially when it comes to Samantha, but really?  In this case why couldn't anyone just say, oh, it sounds like it's from the vaccine?  Not a coincidence, not contagious, not a problem.  Rant over.

So I got my healthy, rashy, Benadryl-sotted child dressed and did what any concerned mom would do - took her to her school's little fun-fair, where they had a moon bounce, music and games for the kids while they drummed up some new enrollments for fall.  Samantha loved the bounce, as always, but was otherwise less-than-social.  The meds, while they did absolutely nothing for her rash, did make her sleepy and a bit cranky.  We went back home and she slept for two hours before an afternoon playdate that this unconcerned mom didn't feel necessary to cancel.


doozee said...

1. Medical people drive me NUTS
2. SO FREAKIN' GLAD SAMMI IS FINE (yes, that had to be in caps)
3. *love* the photos - especially the black and white

Anna said...

I have been reading about spacing vaccines out so to stress the immune system a little less rather than all in one she-bang. Maybe you could try this next time?
SO Sad Sammi wasnt feeling herself. (insert BIG frown here) She seems to enjoy that lolly pop.
we had a medical incident over the weekend too and I still dont know how to handle it. Because it sounds so so bizarre that I just dont believe it myself. But coming from an almost 18 year old. If hed been with me when it happened wed have been in the ER. But he wasnt.Once he was home and talked with me it seemed a little too late....... My rant.(now I have to drag the youth group Dir into it. sigh)

Jenny said...

Getting the kids shots always worries me a little. It just seems like they are trying to cram to many all in at once these days! Glad Sammi is ok.

evrfwd said...

Poor sweat pea! But glad everything is Ok. I think we have that exact top in Maya's closet (she hasn't worn it yet). It looks awesome on Sammi!

Rochelle said...

Hey, I will tell you I am sure it was a small reaction from her vaccinations. Now don't you feel better! LOL

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

love the sucker tree! and fun pix with Sammi n the background...dr really are on my poopie list! but what can you do! so glad all is good! smiles

Roo's Mom said...

Several years ago Roo had a major, full body rash that came up a few days after receiving some vaccinations. Can't recall which ones. Her Ped (whom we love) ordered a CBC because she was afraid Roo might be developing leukemia. This wasn't totally out of the picture because she has been followed by a Hematologist since her bout in the NICU at birth. I kept telling myself to stay calm, but had an underlying fear until the results of the CBC came back normal. When she saw the results, the Ped said it must have been a reaction to the vaccines. There's a name for that type of rash but it escapes me right now. Anyway, I wish she had told me that was a possibility before I spent a few sleepless nights worrying while we waited for the lab work results. Guess it's better safe than sorry, but I'm getting too old for scares like that! Hope Sammi is feeling much better asap!

RobMonroe said...

Bummed about the rashing, that is never fun since you can not just say "this is why" or "this is what will fix" it. Ugh.