Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Connections: Part II

You may remember the two posts I wrote a few weeks ago when we were up in New Jersey for my class reunion.  The first one was about the farm where we picked blueberries one morning, and the other was about Connections.  If you didn't read them, please take a quick peek, especially at the one about Connections.  I wrote to the owner of the farm last week before we drove up to Jersey for the weekend, and sent her the links to those two posts.  I received the following e-mail from her the next day, which made me catch my breath and brought tears to my eyes.  It left me speechless, made me worry about how I could possibly respond to her, other than to say that it's her that's the inspiration to so many.  I hope her story is heard loud and clear by others both within and outside of the ID community, and that her wonderful program continues to thrive and grow.  Sadly, we were unable to find time to visit her farm again on this visit, but I will certainly make another effort the next time we're up that way.  (By the way, I did receive her permission to re-print her e-mail.)

Just read your blogs with tears in my eyes. Before becoming a wife and mother of five very special children, and before becoming a nurse I taught special ed and worked in a residential facility run by Italian nuns, long before state involvement. These children were so happy and so loved, they worked on the farm, in the kitchen, in the laundry, older children learned to care for younger children. It was special, so that connection was always there for me.

"Our" program runs year round. I say "our"; I provide the farm and sometimes my kids are among the workers. C.D. actually runs the program which we hope will grow and inspire many and branch out to other areas in the community so our "kids" can be connected. My kids range from 17-23 but they will always be "MY KIDS".

Thank you for everything. You are an inspiration.




doozee said...

awwww.... I love these connections!
ps. you inspire me, too

Than4Keeps said...

Oh my goodness...when I read your post the first time around regarding the farm off the beaten inspired me to want to go there when we were in New more so than ever. Isn't it amazing how there are folks out there who could be so inspirational? Way to go...thank you for opening up our hearts and eyes to the beauty that surrounds us!

Melissa said...

I love connection like these. The people we meet unexpectedly that touch our hearts.

Kelli said...

Just had to catch up on all of the blog posts that you were referring to as I am WAY behind...I have tears in my eyes! beautiful posts!

Jenny said...

Aww, that's so neat!