Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Broken Weekend

Feeling rough

I can probably count on one hand the number of times Samantha has actually been sick and vomited in her 5 years.  I'm not counting all the reflux episodes that plagued us during her first 2, as they required absolutely no effort or discomfort on her part, believe it or not.  But of course, on the weekend that we have wonderful plans in another state, she wakes up doing just that.  Poor little thing put on a brave face through most of it, but then, eventually, it was through tears that she obediently took the bowl from my hands and brought it up to her face, and asked me to put the cool, damp washcloth on her forehead, a small but effective effort towards relief.  And unlike her sick episodes of the past, where once it was all out, she was just fine and dandy and ravenous, like nothing had ever happened, this one went on and on, for hours and hours.  For this child to actually tell me she wanted to lie in her room instead of on the couch in front of the tv, she had to be feeling pretty rancid.

And you want to be the best mother you can be, right?  You want to be the caring, nurturing, nurse-mommy that brings comfort and reassurance to the sick little one so the memories of these times are all good.  Memories of childhood are so important.  And I hope I could be that mom.  And I think I was.  To be honest, I don't actually know how not to be that mom, which is a relief to me (my own mother taught me well with my own positive memories).  Seeing my little girl so sad brings me pain, too, brings out every last molecule of empathy (if empathy were molecular in nature, of course) in me to want to make her feel better.  And that's what being a mommy is all about.

Sleeping it off

So I decided to take advantage of Samantha's state of captive-audience-ness and teach her a thing or two about germs.  Maybe I can scare her into doing a better job of soaping up her hands when she washes them...  I told her that germs are teeny, tiny little bugs that are so small we can't see them, and they're what made her sick.  I told her that washing our hands when we come in from outside, or after using the potty is what makes germs go away (couldn't bring myself to have to explain the concept of kill just yet...) and help you to not get sick.  She recapped what I said, and nodded her understanding, but I think that now that the seed has been planted I'll be able to nurture it and allow it to grow and blossom into full comprehension soon enough.  Her receptive and expressive language skills are pretty astounding, and I have to remember not to sell her short sometimes by not explaining something.  Maybe she won't grasp the full concept right away, but she does hear what I'm saying, and remembers it for when everything comes together and she has an "Ah hah!" moment.

Sammi began to feel better on Saturday evening, so we managed to salvage half of the weekend by making our trip out of state just a day trip on Sunday, which I'll talk about in another post.  Adding insult to injury (and further reinforcing the importance of efficient hand-washing), I discovered on the ride home that Samantha had full-blown pinkeye.  In both eyes.  A double whammy.

And on Monday morning, in true Dr. Sammi fashion (yes, she tells her dolls she's Dr. Sammi and that she's going to make them feel all better), she had her bear puppet that she named Jack leaning over the bathroom waste basket, opening up his mouth, and telling him it's okay to be sick in the trash can.  Hey, I used what was available at the time, alright? 

Broken child, broken weekend, both mercifully fixable.


Jenny said...

Aw poor Sammi, sounds like shes had a rough time. Hope she is feeling better now. Brad is HUGE on hand washing and stuff. Actually, when the H1N1 was going around he carried hand sanitizer in his pocket and if we went shopping we were not allowed back in the vehicle until he had "sanitized" us...Same thing when the kids would get home from school, lol, he would stand at the door and pump sanitizer into each hand before they came in....The kids thought he was insane but no one got sick that winter :)

Rochelle said...

Bless her heart and yours too. What a weekend. Hoping this week she is doing well and you guys are back to enjoying life.

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

You two are quite the little team. Always teaching each other about this little thing called life.

Hope she is on the rebound and the germs didn't find you!

Deanna said...

oooooh poor little girl...glad everyone is doing better now. that for sure is a ROUGH weekend!

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

that is sad...so sorry to hear that Sammi was sick...pink eye is awful and sooooo painful...you rock! smiles

Lacey said...

Oh poor baby! Arina is the same way when she reflux's. Its all over my floor, but she doesn't have a care in the world!
I'm glad that half the weekend was salvaged!

Michelle said...

aaww so sorry to hear she was that sick :( Glad to hear it was a one-day only bug and she was feeling well enough for the day trip on Sun.

Krista said...

Poor Sammi, you feel so helpless as a mother. I hope this week is brighter for you.

Lori said...

Oh, poor Sammi! I am glad she is feeling better. You are right - having a sick child is so hard on us Mommies -- it hurts so much to see them in pain.

Alicia said...

oh poor Sammi!! but glad she got better fast :)

Im a bad mommy because I dont use those moments to teach him one or two things about that. thank God for school, I was amazed that one day Elias told me (in his very broken language and sign language) that when you use a cigarette, smoke goes from your mouth and goes down to your lungs (he didnt said lungs but he pointed) and that makes you cough and then you will have to go to the doctor.

now when he sees someone smoking he uses his fake cough lol

Melissa said...

Sick littles are never fun. Glad she's feeling better!