Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Still Catching My Breath

Just a short and sweet note today to say I'm still recovering from this whirlwind of a weekend, and am completely incapable of posting anything anyone would actually want to read today.  But let's just say that the weekend was a blast, the party went off without a hitch (complete with exactly. the. right. number of boy v. girl party favors, to a person - definitely a feat!), and Samantha, true to her spotty history of sensory overload issues, cried when it came time to sing Happy Birthday to You.  Seriously, no amount of practice seems to be enough for that kid, and we seriously practice all. year. long...  The heat was unbearable, and I think it may have been a whole lot easier to have just arranged her party to be held at a sauna.  They do kid's birthday parties, don't they? 

Other than the singing fiasco (of which I have photos...), Sammi had a wonderful time playing with her friends and eating not one, but two pieces of pizza and not one, but two cupcakes (in addition to a plateful of goldfish...).  What could be better?  Besides the new sinus infection that we suspect may be about to rear it's ugly head yet again...  That ENT appointment at the end of the month can't come soon enough.

I was sound asleep lastnight by 9:30, figuring the photos could wait another day to be edited and posted.  Wow, that 8 hours felt good. 

Oh, and if anyone's wondering, Samantha is on Day 4, I think (if not 5...I actually lost count in all the excitement) of staying dry again in the mornings (and all day).  She still makes it a point to let me know as soon as she wakes up (heard on the baby monitor *just* as I sit down to drink my coffee:  "I dry, Mommy!  Look, Mommy, my bed is dry!"). 

With Big Girl status comes Big Girl responsibility. 


doozee said...

I'm still catching my breath from our party (which was on May 7th). Chuckle. But (seriously now), I am really looking forward to the pictures

Anna said...

sorry about the tears. I wonder if maybe next year everyone would be willing to do a quiet happy birthday song special for the birthday girl? Like in soft whispery voices? Just a thought.

Cathleen said...

So, if Sammi moves to New Zealand for a year like Lilly, they'll sing "For she's a jolly good fellow" for her birthday instead of happy birthday... perhaps you could try that instead?