Friday, March 11, 2011

More About Normalcy: The Dance Card

I wasn’t planning on writing another blog post this week. Three times was enough, really, and (surprisingly) I don’t have much to say. Our days just aren’t that interesting. I go to work, I come home, I go to bed. Pretty simple stuff. Even our weekends aren’t generally that interesting, so I’m not sure how I manage to squeeze out any posts, really. It’s no secret that Samantha is my inspiration. While my own day-to-day existence is pretty hum-drum, I like to think that hers is far more exciting.
Not like we really get to hear about it, other than a snippet or two from one of her teachers and the usual answer to our rote question, “What did you do today, Samantha?” “Play!”

Great. Glad we cleared that up.

She’s got some trouble answering Who/What/Where/Why questions. It’s getting better, but her responses don’t always match.

Me: “What did you play with today?”

Samantha: “With Miss D. and Miss T.!”

Me again: “No, honey, what did you play with, not who.”

Samantha: “Blocks, and kitchen and books and puzzles!”

Got it.

Same answer every time, though. I know they often do a lot of the same things in the free time at school, but I’d love to hear her tell me what she learned one day, or to tell me about some new game or toy. Occasionally she’ll throw something else in there.

So on Thursday, when Steve went to pick her up from her typical Junior K class in the afternoon, he got another first-hand glimpse into the Princess’ social life. As soon as he entered the class, Sammi’s little girlfriend BFF, L. (seriously, Samantha sometimes throws her arms around me and says, “Best friends forever!!” and when I ask her who, she says, “L.!”), ran up to him and asked if Sammi could come dance with her first before she left. Still weak from having had the flu and feeling like he’d rather crawl back into bed than hang out in a room full of children listening to music, how could he possibly refuse that?

L. took Sammi’s hand and led her to where the children were dancing together.

While Steve waited, a little boy, N., approached him, (I swear, I'm getting an early view of what things will be like when she's a teenager!) and asked if Samantha could have a playdate with him.

Omg, how sweet is that?

Of course, Steve, being the dutiful father, told N. to ask his mother.

It appears that Little Miss Popular’s dance card is already pretty full.


Scott said...

I'm picturing a bright future for your Sammi!

Deanna said...

seriously, your little girl is so cute, I totally don't blame those little boys for falling for her. (-:

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

sounds like the perfect day!! i often wonder why kiddos want to grow up so fast...right at this moment life could not get better for them!! Sammi is a superstar!! I would love to see her dancing with her boy friends!! have a wonderful weekend! smiles

Becca said...

Btw, just had to make a quick edit - Sammi's BFF that she danced with is a girl... :-)

Rochelle said...

She is awesome, I think Steve should prepare now with what he is going to say when those boys start knocking. =)

Cathleen said...

Love hearing about Beautiful Sammi and her popularity. But tell her to not forget her real bff Lilly! :)

RobMonroe said...

That's really awesome! :)

Anna said...

Love it!

doozee said...

Love! Love! Love!