Tuesday, March 29, 2011

About Those T-Shirts: An Extra Push for Lera :-)

For anyone who was interested in the fabulous shirts Samantha and I were wearing in the previous post, they were created by Diane Higbie last fall to sell as a fundraiser for Lera's adoption, but they didn't get the exposure she had hoped for.  Travel expenses related to Lera's adoption are still looming, and any sales will go towards that.  You can find more information about the purchase of the t-shirts here and another photo of the shirt that does not require the ability to read backwards here (also from her blog), or you can e-mail her at SavingLera@yahoo.com.  The shirts are $15 each (with no additional shipping charge), and come in sizes Youth S - Adult 2XL (all pretty much true to size).  She has a good supply on-hand.  Once again, the shirt says, "I have a dream that one day we will be judged by the content of our character, not by the count of our chromosomes."  I'm excited that Samantha is wearing hers to school today.  I think this shirt will get a lot of mileage for us, spreading words of acceptance and hope. 

Feel free to share this post or this information, and help the Higbie family bring Lera home!


Pallavi said...

Beautiful quote..
hope Lera comes home asap..

Roo's Mom said...

Thanks Becca. I collect adoption t-shirts for my teenager. She's always up for wearing a shirt that comes with a good cause. She's a great walking billboard. So, I'll be ordering one of these for her.