Monday, February 14, 2011

Scenes From the Morning After a Restless Night: I Heart Monkey

Mommy (6:30am, sitting on Samantha's bed, trying to get her snotty - as in snot - child motivated to get ready for school):  "Happy Valentine's Day, baby."

Samantha (nose still slightly crusted with dried blood after a late-night nosebleed):  "Happy Valentimes Day, Mommy!"

Mommy (pointing to the pink sock monkey clutched tightly in Sammi's hands that she and Daddy had just given her):  "What do you want to name the monkey?"

Sammi:  "Alex."

Mommy:  "Alex?  Okay."

Sammi (apparently changing her mind on the fly):  "Nate."

Mommy (realizing that the pink monkey may be destined to have a boy's name):  "Nate?  That's a boy's name, honey.  Can you think of a girl's name?"

Sammi (apparently not quite getting the hint):  "Colin."

Mommy (still trying to make her point):  "Come on, think of something other than a boy's name."

Sammi:  "Hmmm...let me see...Monkey!"

Sounds good to me. 

I'm particularly enamored of this little pink monkey, not only for its connection to Valentine's Day and the fact that it marks the first time Sammi has received a gift on Valentine's Day and certainly not the last.  I'm loving this monkey because of the lovely stitched heart on its chest, more symbolic of the prevalence of CHD, congenital heart defects, in children, such as Samantha herself. 

Today is the last day of CHD Awareness Week.  It's like having a 2nd Heart Day, in that it makes me stop and reflect on how fortunate we are to live in this time, a time that allows my child to have life.  How fortunate we are that a brilliant surgeon was able to hold my girl's heart in his hands and mend it, good as new.  "A 99 year repair!" Samantha's local cardiologist says.  We love him.  If I'd thought about it ahead of time, I'd have sent him a card to mark this week.  

Right now Samantha has a cold.  While the nights are a little rough, she jumps right back into the swing of things as soon as (okay, sooner than) the sun comes up, chapstick on her lips, tissues stuffed into her pockets, and a smile and energy that put me to shame when I've got a cold.  I'll take a cold any day over what so many other children have to endure.  Happy 2nd Heart Day to so many of your kiddos out there, and Happy Valentime's Day to everyone.   :-)  


Melissa M said...

Happy Valentines Day, to you and Sammi! And yes, that heart on the Monkey's chest does have a bit of a different meaning for those of us who have been through CHD. Where a surgeon has saved our girls life!

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

love the bear!! hope Sammi gets to feeling better! and you all get some good rest!! cuddles and smiles

Lacey said...

Happy heart day to you and Sammi!! I look at our amazing heart surgeon and can't believe the size of the tiny hearts he works so hard on. Amazing indeed!!

Cindy said...

Happy Valentines Day to you and your family. And to Monkey!

Carol N. said...

Happy hearts all around :o)

Love the pink's perfect.

RobMonroe said...

Happy belated Valentine's Day from Abby to Samantha!

Naming new finds can apparently be pretty hard, or so it would seem. Abby tends to just tack on whatever name was in the last story that we read!

Zoey's mom said...

Been absent around blogland...

Hoping sweet Samantha feels better soon and loving that sweet little sock monkey ... we have one like it from Target!

Happy Belated Heart Day Samantha girl!Zoey was SOOO fragile and weak and gray and well,not good at all till that heart was fixed at 6 months.She literally laid flat on her back the entire 6 months and never smile or ever cried.Can you believe that?Fight or flight mode for sure.We call her heart repair day her second birthday.She was truly reborn.

And Samantha's vocabulary and speech?WOW.That is about all I can muster.But then again you really do have a WOW kind of girl!!!

Dawn said...

I loved this post. I also think of how crappy I feel when I'm sick and then I look at Taylor, realizing every single things she's been through and I feel like a whiney baby.

I'm very fortunate to say that while Taylor does have a CHD, it has been the least of all her problems. That is the one defect that hasn't been operated on and hopefully never will.

A belated Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family. Great gift for Sammi...I love pink & monkeys. *smiles*